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by Eric

This plant works on cold aggregate supply system, and also contain so many components, which individually play a key role in its proper functioning. It is specially designed by keeping in mind various factors. Later we will also discuss about those factors. This plant is available in the market in various types and designs to meet the demand of the public and this is one of the reasons behind its fame.

Components of asphalt mixing plant

Here we will discuss its components in this article, which are as given below:

Dust collector

There are two types of bag filters fixed in the dust collector, one is the wet spray and the other is the cyclone dust collector.

Main unit

This main unit consists of a hot bin and a mixture, and the quality of both of them is responsible for their high value and demand in the market. This main unit also displays a very accurate amount on the screen attached to it. Both these components can do different and essential tasks like a hot bin can increase asphalt factory productivity and the mixer can quickly and thoroughly show blending. Read more about 4 Types of Drainage systems.

Combustion unit

It contains a gas burner, an oil burner, or a combined gas and oil burner.

A heat pack drier is also present with high efficiency that is simple to maintain and performs functions in a more effective way.

Aggregate supply unit

It contains a feeder which is responsible for providing an accurate amount of aggregate to the dryer.

Control system

This is definitely a user-friendly system with an industrial computer that is very dependable on different variables and the languages which are available in this plant’s system are Chinese, Japanese, English, and Russian.

What are the types of asphalt mixing plants?

This plant is prepared in various types such as ALB advanced asphalt plant, LB asphalt batch mix plant, YLB mobile asphalt plant, CMB super mobile asphalt plant, ELB environmental asphalt plant, RLB asphalt recycling plant, JNW asphalt batch mixing plant, DHB asphalt drum mixing plant, stationary asphalt mixing plant, etc.

How to use asphalt mixing plant smoothly?

The process begins with the filling of bins with various cold aggregates, which still remain unheated. The size is very conscious in this procedure, so keep it in your mind, and different gates are working properly to maintain the flow of that aggregate, you entered earlier. After that, these aggregates are moved to the drying drum for further procedure by the burner and a dust collector present in it, which are used to set large dust particles very easily.

A bag filter serves as the secondary dust collector here. For further heating this aggregate is moved downward to the next unit, with the help of a bucket elevator, having a screening unit at its top. After heating, they are separated on the basis of their size and kept in different hot containers. At last, the aggregates are stored, when their weight is done in the mixing unit. Bitumen, filler material, and aggregates will all be combined in the mixer.

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