What are the different breast oncoplastic techniques available - How to find the right surgeon for this procedure?
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What are the different breast oncoplastic techniques available – How to find the right surgeon for this procedure?

by Eric

After being diagnosed, you have breast cancer, which brings a whole new experience to your life. The latter is more life-changing to women than men. The breast is one part of the body women treasure, but everything will change when the doctor tells you to have breast cancer. 

Breast cancer not only forces a woman to confront her mortality but also causes physical changes in the breast and body that can permanently alter her view of her physical, emotional, and sexual well-being.

But all is not lost because after undergoing breast surgery, and the cancer cells are removed, you can get plastic surgery and regain your physical breast appearance. All thanks to the people who invented Oncoplastic breast surgery.

Oncoplastic breast surgery is a rapidly growing area that attempts to improve physicians’ dedication to restoring a patient’s image and self-confidence. Successful outcomes in the viewpoint of the patient and physician are substantially more likely when a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment is combined with oncoplastic surgery.

Different female breast surgeons in Singapore adopt different techniques to carry out Oncoplastic breast surgery, so it is prudent to know the different approaches. When seeking Oncoplastic breast surgery services, you understand the options available.

 If it is your first time to learn about Oncoplastic breast surgery, we will start from the basics of what is Oncoplastic breast surgery then proceed to different techniques used by breast specialists in Singapore. 


What is Oncoplastic breast surgery? 

Breast oncoplastic techniques refers to plastic surgery undertakes after undergoing a lumpectomy to restore your breast’s physical appearance. 

Oncoplastic lumpectomy, also known as oncoplastic surgery or oncoplastic, is a reconstructive surgery aimed at preventing problems with the appearance of the breast induced by lumpectomy. It’s frequently done in conjunction with a lumpectomy.

Traditional breast cancer surgery techniques are combined with the cosmetic benefits of plastic surgery in oncoplastic breast surgery. The goal is to eradicate cancer while reducing surgery’s side effects and assisting patients in their physical and emotional recovery.


How Breast Oncoplastic Surgery Works

  • The most common combination of oncoplastic surgery and lumpectomy is a lumpectomy plus oncoplastic surgery. The surgeon will begin by removing the tumor, a small amount of surrounding tissue, and potentially some neighboring lymph nodes.
  • The breast surgeon performing an oncoplastic sends the biopsy for pathology examination, just like a standard lumpectomy. The pathologist examines the margins to ensure that they are negative.
  • If margins are negative, it indicates no cancer around the edges of the tissue removed along with cancer.
  • If it is tested positive, it signifies that cancer has spread when healthy tissue is removed and that those issues will need to be removed.
  • If you get a substantial breast reduction that eliminates the tissue together with cancer, positive margins are much less of a worry.
  • The original tumor site must be marked by the breast surgeons to cover the area left after removing cancer. The surgeon can use clips, a flexible suture, or a marker. 

These devices guarantee that your doctor can see cancer’s original position after the breast tissue has been altered. This will aid in the planning of radiation treatments as well as future breast screenings. It’s also crucial in the tiny number of situations where the biopsy report discovers positive cancer tissues.

Most situations, oncoplastic surgery is performed concurrently with lumpectomy. However, in some cases, female breast surgeon Singapore can undertake oncoplastic surgeries a few weeks after radiation therapy is administered.

When a surgeon is worried about positive cancer tissues and wants to wait for biopsy results before doing oncoplastic surgery, in most situations, surgeons can employ some techniques to lower the risk of positive cancer tissues while still doing oncoplastic surgery. After the malignancy has been removed, the walls of the lumpectomy cavity are thinned.

If necessary, a breast surgeon may do oncoplastic surgery on the cancerous breast and then wait for a while following therapy to perform surgery on the healthy tissues to restore balance. Because of this, it can be difficult to predict how radiation therapy will affect the breasts.

Several breast surgeons prefer to do it on both breasts at the same time whenever possible. Some breast surgeons leave the cancer-affected breast slightly larger to account for the shrinking that could happen with therapy. Breast specialist Singapore can assist you in determining what is best for you.

Benefits of breast oncoplastic

There are several reasons why breast specialist Singapore recommends breast oncoplastic to patients besides restoring the physical appearance of your breast. Among these benefits of this breast surgery including; 


  • Only one surgery is required.
  • Allows for the removal of a bigger amount of unhealthy tissue, which can be beneficial for bigger tumors.
  • This makes it easy to create symmetrical breasts.
  • They are performed before therapy, which assists patients in avoiding potential complications associated with exposing wounds to radiation.

Different breast oncoplastic techniques are available. 

When you visit breast specialist Singapore you will be advised on the best oncoplastic technique right for you as we are all different and our situations are equally different. The breast specialist Singapore is qualified medical personnel to help determine the right technique. 

The main target of this blog post is to enlighten you on oncoplastic techniques but not to suggest which one is best for you. Some of the factors that female breast surgeons in Singapore consider when deciding which breast oncoplastic technique is right for you include desired outcome, cancer’s characteristics.

 After evaluation of these factors, among others, here are some of the oncoplastic breast techniques recommended. 

Advancement Flap

In this technique, the tumor and a small portion of the surrounding tissue are removed during a traditional oncoplastic surgery. This, even so, can change the shape of the breast depending on the size and location of the tumor.

If not, a local flap allows surgeons to use the healthy breast tissue that remains after removing a tumor to restore the breast’s original appearance. There are no more markings or flaws as a result of this.

Breast Reduction

If lumpectomy is conducted on only one side, the size and shape of the breast can be altered. A joint breast reduction addresses this issue by modifying the size and shape of the other breast.

This technique has many advantages. A bigger amount of tissue is removed by operating on the other breast. This can be useful if the tumor is big and more tissue is needed. Adjusting the healthy breast will also help to improve the symmetry of both breasts.

Breast Lift 

Breast lift is a less invasive method of breast reduction. This is a wonderful way for ladies who don’t want to drastically change the contour of the breasts.

Instead of removing a huge number of tissue from both sides, only the tissue from the original side is removed. Other aesthetic operations, such as nipple relocation, can assist the breasts in becoming more equal


A mastectomy may be required for people with later stage of breast cancer. In this scenario, a mastectomy can let the patient keep the breast’s appearance.

What is the eligibility of an oncoplastic surgery?

Oncoplastic techniques can be employed on a variety of breast kinds due to their versatility. Patients who want oncoplastic surgery to lower the cup-size of their breasts, on the other hand, will almost certainly need breasts that are huge enough to enable these procedures.

Oncoplastic surgery may not be appropriate for women with tiny breasts or those who have had more than one lumpectomy. However, you ought to see a female breast surgeon in Singapore to determine if you’re eligible for Oncoplastic Surgery. In Singapore, you can find the best breast specialist in Singapore here. 


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