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Buying guide: What to look for in 2021 while buying a smartphone

by Eric

Without smartphones, your life may not be as fast as you want it to be. Smartphones have become an inseparable part of your daily life. Due to its versatile nature, choosing the best phone under 20000 can become a hurdle sometimes. Are you confused due to the hundreds of options available around you? 

Suppose you are looking for the latest mobile that fulfills your requirements. In that case, you need to be a cautious and intelligent shopper. Nevertheless, a little guidance can go a long way. Here is what you must look for while you go out to look for the best smartphone in 2021.

Processor is essential for a reliable and consistent mobile

If you want to buy a reliable smartphone that offers smooth and consistent performance without lagging, check for the processor. It also allows your device to perform multiple tasks simultaneously without any issues. A good and high powered processor will ensure your device can handle all the work, including hours-long gaming and streaming, with ease. The popular SoCs are from Snapdragon, Exynos, MediaTek Helio, etc. In addition, Apple iPhones come with an Apple-exclusive Bionic Chipset.

Try to go for at least a quad-core or octa-core chipset to get the best out of your mobile; most of the mobiles now come with octa-core processors.

Get a High capacity RAM

Your smartphone performance also depends on the RAM you choose. RAM or Random Access Memory stores all the temporary data and provides these when needed. The higher capacity of RAM allows it to process a massive amount of data at once. So if you prefer watching movies or playing high-definition games on your mobile for hours, at least 4GB RAM is essential. 

Such high-capacity options also allow you to use multiple apps on your mobile without any disturbance. 

Android or IOS- Choose according to your preferred user experience

There are two OS available for smartphones; most of the smartphones come with Android OS, and the devices from Apple use iOS. You must choose the OS according to your desired user experience.

If you want to customize your device and use it differently, android OS is the ideal choice. On the other hand,  if you desire an OS with regular updates and software support, you can go for IOS devices. 

But, both of them are equally brilliant and reliable. Android is easy to use and allows multiple scopes, including the feature of split-screen and others. On the contrary, iOS offers consistent support. 

The battery capacity

While you buy a smartphone, take a look at the battery capacity. With a  better and more capable battery, you can easily use the smartphone for hours without any inconvenience. Try to choose the battery capacity according to how you plan to use your device. For example, for gaming and streaming, a good battery backup is necessary. 

On the other hand, check if the battery is optimized correctly with the RAM, SoC, and OS to ensure it offers the best results. 

Camera quality

Most people now use their smartphones to capture photographs. Hence, the makers have incorporated some advanced mobile cameras in their devices to ensure they capture everything properly in detail with fantastic picture quality.

You can choose a quad-camera or a triple camera easily. However, often the megapixel number is not enough to judge a camera. Hence, ask the shop to get some demo pictures or check the camera specifications, mainly the sensor, to determine the best phone under 20000  to aid you in photography. 

Storage Capacity

While shopping for your new mobile, always take a look at the available storage. You will need the storage to install apps, store images and videos, etc., to use these for the future. Mobiles with more extensive storage allow you to store multiple items without any inconvenience. Try to get at least a 64GB storage option to get the desired user experience. Bodies that, try to go for a smartphone that offers expandable storage option. 


Most of the smartphones now come with 6 inches display to offer you a better viewing experience. In addition, getting a device with a protected display will help you protect your eyes from blue rays. 

For the display quality, you can either go for LCD or AMOLED. In AMOLED display, you can choose Super AMOLED or OLED according to your budget. Such displays offer better color saturation and contrast levels to enhance your experience.

Here are some of the things that you need to consider before you buy your latest mobile. No matter whichever phone you want to buy, these are the common specifications to look out for.

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