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What Anonymous Content Does For The Reader

by REX

Anonymous content has been sought by a lot of internet users, readers, viewers, and consumers in general. This shift from mainstream media towards anonymous content has not come overnight. It has been a steady behavioural change that has occurred in bits over time. The success of independent websites and web pages are evident to the fact. The Doe is a perfect example of that. The question then becomes, what does anonymous content do for the reader that mainstream media doesn’t?


Firstly, it’s the raw and unfiltered way of creating the content that is most appealing to the end-user. Anonymous content creators speak the language of the people, which is a fantastic selling point. Another reason is that through anonymous content, the end-user has a chance to receive the content at face value, not through a filter. The information is delivered with anonymity so the user experience is not deterred or affected by the identity of the person providing the content. Anonymity helps the user focus on the content, absolving any chance of preconceived bias or prejudice.


Yet, the most important thing that anonymous content does for the reader is that it allows them to corroborate or fact-check the stories that they receive from the mainstream. Getting a second opinion from a source they know to be independent and unbiased allows you to reach the truth. This also mounts pressure on mainstream media outlets to deliver a better product, which is -again- for the benefit of you, the end-user.

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