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Data Scientist: the sexiest job of the 21st century

by REX

For those who know about the prospects of this direction in the online school SkillFactory opened a new enrollment in the full course on Data Science. When you take the course, you will learn how to work with Big Data – huge amounts of data that cannot be processed in Excel. In your new life, you’ll be paid to help businesses find hidden patterns, predict developments, and optimize key processes. The program takes place online, so you can join from anywhere in the world where there is internet.

Data Scientist or analytical data expert – in the opinion of the editors of the authoritative publication Harvard Business Review this very profession can be confidently called “the sexiest in the XXI century”.

        Lack of these specialists

Astronomical salaries, fantastic social package, but such specialists are so few that employers are literally hunting for each (on – more information about vacancies in the field of analytics). And it does have its reasons, very and very good, it must be said.

There is extremely valuable information, which is continually collected and accumulated by commercial companies and government agencies:

  •  any purchase on the Internet or “off-line”,
  •  any calculations,
  •  even the actions and movements of potential buyers.

 Data science company is the real oil of the 21st century. However, before data can bring profits and other benefits, it must be carefully analyzed and evaluated. That’s what Data Scientist does.

       By Russell Reynolds Associates

In a recent survey, a leading data science consultancy, 58% of executives said their companies lacked professional data experts on a regular basis. Moreover, this problem is universal for different countries and different sectors of the economy from banks and insurance companies to:

– industrial enterprises,

– medical institutions,

– educational institutions.

And in the near future, the agency believes, its relevance will only increase, including because every two years the global volume of data is doubling.

Here it is also worth noting that the term “data scientist” itself is also more than 10 years old. It was first used by employees of the popular social networks Facebook and LinkedIn, who were responsible for analyzing large volumes of data. It was thought that the word “economist” was not quite appropriate, and “research scientist” sounded too academic. Thus, over time, a previously unknown profession of analytical data expert emerged.

The first courses to train professional analytical data experts opened at Harvard University in 2013, and a little later at IIT and New York University. Similar educational programs now operate also in the largest economic universities of European countries.

       Harvard Business Review

A Data Scientist applicant should have an analytical mindset, a sense of numbers, and good communication skills. This is not a “nerd” who digs into data all the time. The optimal result of a data scientist becomes only when it is correctly interpreted, understandable and usable for further application. It is necessary:

  •       Not only to understand what the numbers say;
  •       But also to create new solutions;
  •       No competent Data Scientist is afraid of competition from computer systems, and probably in the coming years it should not even be expected.


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