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A Good Choice for Those Who Pursue High-quality Life-Skyworth W92

by REX

With the continuous development of the TV industry, people’s requirements for TV picture quality have become higher and higher. In the past few years, 4k high-definition TVs occupied a major position in the TV market. But in recent years, some manufacturers have produced 8K TVs and sold them all over the world. As one of the 8K TV suppliers, the development of the Skyworth global market is progressing very fast. Recently, Skyworth has released a new product that attracted widespread attention: Skyworth W92 TV. What is special about this product? Let’s take a look.

Appearance of Skyworth W92

Skyworth W92 is 88 inches, 200cm long, and 128cm high (the OLED screen is 112cm, and the remaining 16cm is the glass sound unit.) But the thickness of the screen is only 1.1cm. Under such an exaggerated giant screen, the thickness of the screen can be so thin. Looking at the Skyworth W92 from the side, it forms a great contrast.

Picture Quality of Skyworth W92

The most important thing for a TV is the screen size and clear picture quality. Skyworth W92 is the world’s second mass-produced 8K OLED TV for the consumer market, using an 88-inch 8K 120Hz OLED panel, which is very rare in the current global consumer market. The resolution of 8K pixels is 7680×4320, which is four times that of 4K TVs. It can present the ultimate high-definition picture quality display, and bring users the most realistic and shocking visual experience.

Skyworth W92 is also equipped with the Skyworth 8K version of the AI image quality engine, which uses AI technology to search, identify and reconstruct screen images, achieve full real-time optimization and improvement of low-quality film sources, and further optimize the 8K movie viewing experience.

It is worth mentioning that Skyworth W92 not only supports Dolby Vision and HDR10, but also uses 3D LUT movie original color technology to raise the TV picture quality to a higher level. In order to achieve better color accuracy, Skyworth applies this professional color toning technology in the film industry to TV picture quality, allowing users to enjoy a cinema-level visual feast. Skyworth’s 3D LUT film original color technology can not only provide users with amazing brightness, color, contrast, etc., but also restore shooting with high fidelity, better presenting the creator’s intention.

With the support of hardware configuration and software technology, Skyworth W92 achieved a new breakthrough in image quality.

Sound Quality of Skyworth W92

In addition to the picture quality of Skyworth W92 in the global TV industry, the sound quality is also very good. It is the world’s first 8K OLED TV with glass sound. Skyworth uses a new type of acoustic technology on high-end products named SKYWORTH AUDIO GLASS SOUND. It uses a whole sheet of glass as the diaphragm and distributes four 30-core electromagnetic drivers evenly across the glass, causing it to vibrate and produce sounds. The technology reproduces the sounds of live scenes so that users can enjoy the best sound experience anywhere in a room.

Configuration of Skyworth W92

When the TV is switched on and off, and when the music mode or AI voice assistant is activated, this black glass sound unit will show the special effects of aurora. According to different sounds, the color of the aurora will change differently. This kind of aurora special effect will have a sense of science and technology under the atmosphere of a dark living room.

There is a 12-megapixel high-end PTZ AI camera on the top of Skyworth W92. The PTZ design supports three-axis rotation and can automatically adjust the angle. AI recognizes the movement of the human figure in the picture, and automatically locks and tracks the portrait shooting. It can realize the up, down, left, and right omnidirectional tracking and shooting function, bringing the whole scene surround and super large viewing angle. It can be applied to a variety of smart scenarios, such as smart face recognition, portrait tracking video calls, panoramic family portraits, etc.

Skyworth W92 is the flagship model that the Skyworth brand is most proud of. From a price point of view, W92 is suitable for high-end users who are not sensitive to price. The 88-inch OLED, 120Hz, 8K screen brings perfect colors and excellent images to the spacious living room. Large-screen TVs have surpassed most products on the market in various configurations. If you pursue pure lighting and audio-visual enjoyment and have enough budget, Skyworth W92 is indeed a good choice.

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