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Weakness and Strengths of Online Classes

by Eric

Online classes have become popular due to their strength. Furthermore, the demand for online courses has also turned our education system entirely online and introduced many online classes apps. The online environment offers us plenty of opportunities; however, the weaknesses of online classes are also present and cannot be eliminated. It is why today, we have brought full-fledged information about the strength and weaknesses of online courses. Thus, to know about the strengths and weaknesses of online classes, stay here with us.

Strengths of Online Classes:

Learning anything online is a bit difficult; however, it has many advantages which work as strength of online education. Some of these strains are as follows:

Available Anywhere:

The biggest strength of online classes is that it assists the student and teachers in participating in quality learning and quality teaching from any corner of the world. Distance is a significant hindrance that stands in between quality learning for some students, and it becomes an arduous task to eliminate these barriers. Hence, students face challenges in getting quality knowledge. However, virtual classrooms have brought together the whole world. Now any understudy can get their desired ability without being physically present. And this is probably the biggest strength of online classes.

More Resources:

Internet is a hub of knowledge. The more you access, the more you get. Both students and teachers use the material available online. Teachers can use the resources to provide relevant material in the course to study. Whereas the students can get their desire knowledge and extra knowledge from the internet. Read more about Most Common Psychological Factors Impacting Online Study.

Furthermore, this helps the students in learning in a better way. The instructors also can use the topics to deliver additional information to the understudies. It results in designing more capable minds of the students. Hence, it is a strength of online classes.

Better Teaching Methods:

Online education has allowed teachers to contribute towards self-directions and creative teaching. In traditional classrooms, teachers were grounded to give only a particular knowledge to the students and in a specified way directed by the schools. However, with online classes, the teachers can teach in different ways, which becomes easy for students to understand. Moreover, the student, as well as the facilitator, collaborate to make a dynamic educational experience. And this is only because of the shift in technology and online classes. The teachers also deliver the lectures in different ways, and students catch the lessons quickly. This change in teaching style adds to more qualities in teachers and students. And this is not possible in traditional classrooms. It is why it acts as strength of online classes.

Weakness of Online Classes:

Although they have given us essential strains, online classes, however, we cannot ignore their weaknesses. Some of the drawbacks of online courses are as follows:

Access to Technology:

Before online classes, technology was not as high as it is right now. And this sudden change in the education system because of technology has resulted in no access to gadgets and technology. People living in rural areas cannot afford smartphones or PCS. Also, the people with low income face this challenge, and hence they cannot afford quality education for their children. If an understudy has a smartphone and PC, then the connectivity stands as a barrier. Internet access has not reached every nook and corner of the world. There are places where people face connectivity issues, and they spend less time online. Moreover, internet connectivity is deficient and online education is not possible.

Firstly, the education system has changed completely to the virtual world. And from a nursery class child to a Ph.D. student, everyone is studying online. Hence everyone can’t know software and computers. Only men cannot understand the high-quality features of online study. Moreover, the teachers do not have complete knowledge about the software as it is not their field. So functioning a computer problem becomes challenging for an ordinary teacher. And if you do not know about computers and software, it drags the entire online education down.


We have those in plenty if we look at the strings, but the weaknesses are also unavoidable. So there is a massive need to find the solution to these conflicts and problems of online classes, but online teaching is currently our need as it is taking the world in a new direction of virtual platforms.


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