30 Day Challenge: Try Something New Every Day
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30 Day Challenge: Try Something New Every Day

by Eric

can you completely transform your life in as little as one month? If you try something new each and every day, you very well might. Consider a few key categories, create your 30-day plan, and challenge yourself to create your best life, one day at a time.

Days 1-6: Spirituality


To start off your very own 30-day challenge, consider focusing on spiritual aspects of your life. Whether you believe in God, some other deity, or no higher being at all, take the time to connect with your beliefs and find your spirituality. You may even want to consider more unfamiliar belief systems like learning about your zodiac sign, for instance. Astrology is a popular concept because so many people know their zodiac signs and the traits associated with them. Find out whether you’re a Virgo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, or another sign and what that means, according to astrology, for your life. Meditate, pray, or conduct whatever rituals help ground you in the natural world and strengthen your spiritual side.

Days 7-12: Physical


For the next six days, focus on your physical health and well-being. For example, maybe you want to rethink your bedtime habits. In that case, you might find a Lazarus Naturals coupon and try their CBD capsules to promote better sleep. Through a tincture, capsule, or other CBD product, Lazarus Naturals can be one step towards better physical health. Add some cardio, strength, or yoga workouts, healthy meals, and more water, and you’ll find that you hardly recognize your new healthy self.

Days 13-18: Emotional


For the next six days of your 30-day challenge, turn to your inner self. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings completely. Start a journal, even if you don’t keep it up past today. Write a note to your inner child, your future self, or another of your inner multitudes. Face a fear, practice self-care, or do something that makes you happy. What matters here is that you’re allowing yourself to embrace your emotions for the greater good

Days 19-24: Environmental


As we near the end of the challenge, take some time to focus on the space around you. Declutter your belongings and set aside items you plan to donate. Confront that invisible corner or the chair that is always piled with clean (or not-so-clean) clothes. Make a list of repairs you’ve been meaning to make or fix that one quick maintenance task that you just keep putting off. Take the time to look around your environment, be that your home, your workspace, or another area, and examine it as though you’re looking at it the first time. Figure out what improvements you could make to become more comfortable, secure, or just happy with your space, and make your environment perfect for you.

Days 25-30: Connection


With almost a month having passed, you will have focused on many of the key attributes that make you you, from your inner feelings and spiritual beliefs to your physical health and the space you live in. Now, we’ll be turning to social connections. Whether you compliment someone or do a random act of kindness, write a letter, reach out to an old friend, or spend time with a loved one, these connections can help strengthen your sense of community, decrease feelings of loneliness, and otherwise help you feel better about your life. At this time, too, you might use one day to make time for yourself—an equally critical sort of connection.

Considering each of these six-day groupings, plan to start one new habit, or simply try something new to you, each day. Whether you use the examples outlined here or you come up with something else entirely, 30 days of effort and action can provide massive change to your life that lasts a long time.

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