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Types of New Car Paint Protection Coatings: Which One to Choose?

by Eric

There are different types of paint protection coatings, and each has its unique benefits. If you plan on buying a new car, you’ll notice that almost every brand offers an option for new car paint protection as an extra-cost option. These paints are advertised as super hydrophobic, meaning that the water will slide off them. This article will discuss what exactly these coatings are and how they compare to each other.

Ceramic Paint Protection:

This type of paint protection film is the most durable out there. Ceramic coatings are a thick coating that will protect your car for up to three years or 30,000 km, depending on which one is longer in your region. They usually have a texture similar to a wax coating but appear much glossier and less reflective. These coatings are applied at the factory, so you need to buy them from the dealer. You can’t get these coatings through aftermarket shops or anywhere else except the dealer.

Acrylic Paint Protection:

Acrylic paints are a thin water-based solution that provides short-lasting shine and scratch resistance for a maximum of six months to one year. This type of new car paint protection is applied at the factory or by professional detailers. They are relatively easy to remove, so if you’re looking for the most effective way to return your car to its original appearance, this might be a good choice.

Polyurethane Paint Protection:

Polyurethane paints are meant to offer improved scratch resistance and hydrophobic properties for between one and two years. Polyurethane talks on par with ceramic coatings, but it’s very different in terms of looks when it comes to longevity. It provides slightly lower levels of a shine than ceramic coats and is usually glossier than matte (although that depends on the type of product). These types of paint protection require special solvents that are available at specific stores. You can’t get these products through car dealerships or professional detailers, only from aftermarket detailing shops.

Silicone Paint Protection:

Silicone paints are also meant to be applied before the sale, similar to acrylic protection films. Silicone paints don’t usually don’t last more than six months and are not very durable. This type of paint film is best described as a temporary solution for protecting your new paint job during transport. It is usually used when you’re buying a new car in another region where it rains more often than where you live.

They are made from a similar type of film as acrylic protection films but silicone instead. Silicone paints provide slightly better hydrophobic properties when compared to regular acrylic paints. In general, it’s best not to get these types of paint protection since they don’t last long enough to be worth the hassle. Professional detailers can add extra UV blockers and other chemicals that help preserve your paint job.  Read more about A Guide to Protect Your Car with Ceramic Coating.

Hybrid Paints:

These paints offer better durability than silicone paints but don’t last as long as ceramic or acrylic coatings. Some manufacturers claim that their products can last up to four years, which is an impressive result if it’s true. This means that they can offer similar performance to both paint protection films and ceramic coatings. But our experience tells us that these claims are too good to be true. These protective solutions are rare and usually available only for high-end vehicles like Rolls Royce Wraith cars, Audi R8 models, or other exotics.

DIY Paint Protection:

Liquid waxes contain both carnauba and beeswax to provide shine that might last up to three months, depending on your climate condition. Professional detailers often use the same products used for cars because they’re equally effective at providing short-term shine compared to other types of paint protection products. The best way to protect your car’s paint job is with a high-quality ceramic coating that lasts for years without any maintenance.

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