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Top Glacier Activities of Glacier National Park

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More than a million acres of natural preserve land make up the Top Glacier Activities of Glacier National Park, which is also home to a large number of wildlife species, lakes, waterfalls, forests, diverse ecosystems, and mountain ranges. Check if you qualify for the visa waiver program before making travel plans to Glacier National Park; qualified citizens should complete the Esta visa application form. There are several parts and questions on the form that must be completed. The sections ask for information about you and your family, your travel itinerary, how long you want to remain, your career history, and other things of that nature.

After applying for the esta visa online and submitting the form, your information will be processed for authenticity. Upon verification and approval, you will receive your esta visa. The ESTA visa is valid for 2 years after the approval date; you can travel using the US ESTA visa for 90 days without going through any other official processes.

Top Glacier Activities of Glacier National Park

If you’re visiting Glacier National Park, you probably already love ice. So, why not take a peek-a-boo at some of the best places you can visit while you’re there?

Iceberg Lake:

Being at an elevation of almost 6100 feet, Iceberg Lake is bordered by Mt. Wilbur towards the south, Iceberg Peak, and the Continental Divide to the west. While the lake is right in the middle of these vast mountains, it doesn’t receive any sunlight, resulting in ice accumulation.

Good places to watch the sunset near me

The hike is just a 9-mile round trip – initially, the walk can be a little steep, but it eases gradually. You will spot various animals like bighorn sheep, bears, and small critters on your trek. You can start your trail from the Swift Current Motor Inn parking area.

Trail of the Cedars:

The Cedars trail is a loop hike, 5.5 miles away from Lake McDonald Lodge’s eastern side. If you start your walk from the east side of the loop, you will come across a long and broad sidewalk, passing through old western red cedars and western hemlocks. Watch your steps while walking through the forests; there is a lot of moss on the ground. The second highlight here is the bridge over Avalanche Creek, offering impeccable views of the lower Avalanche Gorge.

Kintla Lake:

Kintla Lake is an absolute treat for paddlers and anglers. Located in the south of the park, it is 40 miles away from the West Entrance and the Canadian Border. You can start your hike from the western shore of Kintla Lake, and as you progress further, you’ll get to imbibe glorious views of the valley and park covered in a blanket of snow.

You can also get busy fishing; Kintla Lake is home to the exotic North American Mountain trout; maybe if you catch a few, you can have a midnight feast.

Bowman Lake:

Bowman Lake is one of the most sought-after sights in Glacier National Park; surprisingly enough, it is not frequented by tourists or travelers because of its remote location. Guess what? It is popular with the locals, and you should give Bowman Lake a visit if you wish to see breathtaking views of the mountain range. The lake is famous for fishing, swimming, canoeing, and kayaking.

Where to eat near Glacier National Park?

Want to find out the best places to eat when you’re on your vacation? Here are a few places you can try out.

Two Dog Flats Restaurant:

Two Dog Flats restaurant is the ideal place to lay yourself down after a tiring hike. The restaurant features a classy ambiance, service, and delightful views of the park. Don’t forget to try the huckleberry cakes, burned pork belly, and sandwiches.

Sunflower cafe and catering:

Sunflower Cafe specializes in serving some of the best BBQs in town; it is located in an open-air campground featuring outdoor seating. If you are looking for something good, order the tofu, turkey club sandwich, and beignets.

Best time to visit Glacier National Park:

Visit the Glacier National Park from July to August; the snow is visible on high altitudes in June and July. For all the photographers, the best time is from late June to mid-August to discuss the Top Glacier Activities of Glacier National Park.


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