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Top 7 Hacks You Should Know

by Eric

About 32 million Americans relocate each year, both domestically and abroad. An American moves at least 11 times throughout his lifetime on average. But Top 7 Hacks You Should Know even though it happens frequently, what could be more stressful than moving for the first time? It involves the actual physical procedure of packing and shipping your goods in addition to the significant modifications. Every step might be intimidating, from the planning stage to the unloading. However, there are certain things you may do to simplify and de-stress this encounter.

Like any other first-time experience, the moving process may seem daunting because of the various tasks ahead. Break down the job into small, manageable tasks. Start planning and packing long before the move. Work on accomplishing the small tasks one at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Advance planning will help make the moving day go efficiently and smoothly.

As a first-time mover, you might miss out on a lot of things. But there are some moving hacks that can help you prepare like a pro and avoid potential mistakes.

Top 7 Hacks You Should Know:

1.  Create a timetable

Whether you’re DIY moving or hiring professional movers, planning is crucial. Create a timetable that will guide you throughout the move. It should clearly enumerate the tasks at hand and their target date of completion. You can adjust your timetable based on your daily schedule. For example, on weekdays you can spare a few hours each day packing books and devote the entire weekend packing kitchen stuff. This gives you adequate time, avoids cramming, and prevents overworking.

Likewise, creating a checklist can prevent you from procrastinating. Without a written plan, it’s easy to put things off until the moving day comes and you realize that you’re not ready. The earlier you start planning and preparing, the less stressful the experience will be.

2.  Purge your stuff

A moving consultant emphasized the reality that people don’t really need all of their existing stuff in the new place. As much as possible, you want to start with a clean slate. This makes it a perfect time to de-clutter and get rid of unnecessary items.

When purging your stuff, the rule of the thumb is that if you haven’t used it for the past six months, it’s good to go. For example, it might be best to replace an old, rusty coffee maker. You should also leave old magazines, books, newspapers, and other paper documents. This unnecessary stuff can only add up to your moving bill.

There are many ways you can give up your stuff, such as donation, garage sale, throwing to the dumpster, etc. A ruthless preliminary purge can have a major impact on the entire packing process.

3.  Pack an essentials box or bag

There are only a few things that you’ll need to survive the travel and the first night in your new place. Pack this essential stuff in a bag or moving box. Some personal items to put in your bag include toiletries, prescriptions, hygiene kit, eyeglass, bank documents, blankets and bedsheets, and other valuables. As much as possible, you need to keep these items close to you.

4. Clearly label all the boxes

Labeling the boxes makes it easier to account for them, arrange properly in the truck, and unload them in the right room. The box label should include a summary of its content, its location (ex. Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, etc.), and any other special instructions (ex. the box contains fragile valuables and should be handled more carefully.)

It is best to use a color code or number code system to help you and the movers account all of your boxes. With proper labeling, the moving professionals can move more quickly and efficiently.

5. Take pictures

If you have started packing early, chances are you might forget what’s inside each box. So before you finally close the boxes, be sure to snap a quick pic of its interior.  Top 7 Hacks You Should Know and Although you might be unable to capture every item, having a pic might help you remember.

6. Keep boxes light

This tip is crucial among DIY movers. But even if you’re hiring movers, you have to be considerate of them. Help them save their backs and move more quickly by not making the boxes too heavy.

7. Research professional movers

First-time movers might get planning and execution assistance from moving companies. There may be a wide range of Top 7 Hacks You Should Know and you may have choices when you search online. To employ a professional moving company, be careful to choose wisely. Consider whether hiring a long-distance moving business could be preferable to hiring a local moving agency, or whether the move might be small enough that you only require the assistance of packers. In either case, your experience can be significantly impacted by selecting the best moving company and service. It has the potential to either make moving day chaotic or a well-planned event. Spend more time looking for a reputable moving company with a track record of quality work, exemplary customer service, and a positive attitude.

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