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Tips to Setup Ladies Majlis Abu Dhabi 2020

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Tips to Setup Ladies Majlis Abu Dhabi 2020

A few tips for setting up ladies Majlis Abu Dhabi include the dress code and decorations, which are considered a must. Some of these tips are explained in the following paragraphs.

Dress Code for Ladies

The dress code is not just confined to the Ladies Majlis Abu Dhabi but all the family members, including the daughters. However, several requirements have to be followed by the guests as part of the dress code. These include the use of proper clothing to keep the members warm.

All the family members will need a proper suit to match with their formal or casual attire. The guests need to have a traditional dress for the sake of the women too. To maintain an appropriate look, all the family members need to have matching necklaces and earrings. There should be an equal distribution of accessories for both genders. One can choose to go with any supplement, but it is always advised that one chooses something more formal or suitable for the occasion.

There is no formal attire available for the males apart from the traditional shirt and trousers. However, in ladies’ cases, there are special dresses in saris or evening gowns, which can easily be found online.


The decoration is crucial and needs to be done according to the theme of the party. There are various themes available for the ladies in which one can choose from.

However, it is not mandatory that one has to follow any theme as long as it is essential. There are plenty of articles that are associated with different cultures, including the Indian ones. To add more interest to the decoration, one can go in for more floral designs and other such things.

The most important part of the decoration is the floor where the party is being held. There are many themes available in this category, and it is essential to get it right. There is a wide variety of floor coverings available like carpets and rugs, which make the floor look very colorful. Read more 

Other Decorations

Apart from the flooring, several other decorations are used for the occasion. The ladies will be required to wear different types of shoes and make sure they have matched them with the floor coverings. This can be achieved by dressing up in matching shoes.

Many tabletop decorations are also available in the market. These are used to give a complete look to the occasion. Some tables are designed with different designs and which make the event very special and unique.

In the table’s case, there are different types of flowers, lamps, candles, and decorative items to add more beauty to it. The placemats and place cards are also used to add the right touch to the table. Several other decorations are also available that help to enhance the looks and elegance of the party.


Music is an integral part of the occasion, and so are the people and guests. To make the occasion special, all the guests must be appropriately dressed for the event.

For the ladies, it is essential to choose a singer or a DJ who knows how to play the appropriate music for the occasion. This is very important in making the party memorable. It is also essential that the music can be played at the right time and be listened to correctly and correctly.

It is important that the guests easily connect and feel that they are in a group. The entertainment act should be useful as it gives an added value to the party.

In this article, we try to clear you about all the necessary types of equipment to held a ladies’ majlis. Keep reading for more news and updates. Thanks for reading.

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