Tips to make Travel safe during Covid-19
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Tips to make Travel safe during Covid-19

by Eric

Since Coronavirus has hit the planet everything has come to a halt. Every industry has taken a big blow economically. However, one of the industries that was most affected is the travel and tourism industry. There were virtually no flights and borders were shut down to stop the spread of the virus. 

This shutdown was not sustainable and sooner than later travelling ought to resume.  Before that, some arrangements were needed. In this regard, every country started preparing to devise a mechanism to ensure coronavirus does not infiltrate their borders with travellers. Every country has rolled out a standard of procedure for travel to their country. 

If you want to travel to a certain country now then do check out their relevant authority website to make sure you are following those criteria.  To facilitate us, different countries have set up antigen diagnostic kit factories, Vaccine-making factories, and other related industries so that there is no hurdle during travel.  Some of the precautions include:

Face mask and 1-meter distance

This precaution is the traditional method of preventing any kind of contagious disease. The mask and social distancing were the only weapons mankind had once this virus first emerged. When there were no vaccine or antigen test kit factories, these two things came in handy. Now that we have the vaccine, we still cannot rule out the importance of face masks and social distancing. Face masks stop any virus from entering our body and because of social distancing, viruses cannot travel from one person to another. So, if you want to travel then do follow this instruction

Coronavirus test

Testing is the only tool we have to exclude healthy people from affected ones. This step also prevents us from indiscriminate border lockdown. Now, if you want to travel to any country then you should have a test certificate as proof. Some countries also take a test on arrival. When this virus first emerged, at that time there was a very lengthy process of diagnosis available called the PCR test. However, Now, a new technology has been introduced called the antigen test. This test only takes 30 minutes to tell whether somebody has the virus. Although it is not as accurate as PCR, its speed allows countries to fast-track the travel process. antigen diagnostic kit factories are running at full potential right now. This test allows passengers to skip or have less quarantine at the airport. How the Role of Nursing Has Changed in Response to COVID-19?

Vaccination certificate

Scientists made a big breakthrough when they came up with a vaccine in record time. Travel is deemed impossible now if you do not have a vaccination certificate. However. Different countries have come up with different vaccines China has Synopharm and Synovac, and America has Pfizer and Moderna. Before travelling make sure that the vaccine you have is acceptable in that country. The reason for that is every vaccination has different effectiveness. 


These precautions are for your benefit. It is good to follow them rather than regretting them later. The world right now is in an unprecedented crisis. If the travel is not important, then do not leave your house unnecessarily. Keep yourself and your family safe.

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