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Tips for getting Head Tattoos and Designs Suggestions

by Eric

Head Tattoos are becoming trendy nowadays, not for only men but also for women. But head crafting is mostly famous in men compared to women. When you decide to get ahead tattoo, then you also have to prepare yourself for bearing pain during crafting. Getting ahead tattoo is a very painful task. Head tattoos are a very good option for those men who ever want to shave their hair and want a hair-free head. Before getting ahead tattoo you should follow these 5 steps which I will describe below.

Tips for Head Tattoos;

If you will follow these 5 tips, you will get a perfect head tattoo. No matter if you are inking your head the first time or already familiar with the art tattoo world. The tips for head tattoos are as follow;

  1. Select the Tattoo Artist very carefully

The first thing is to make sure that your tattoo artist has a tattoo-making license. First, ask your tattoo artist to show his license in front of you or if he didn’t have a license then you have the right to ask him for a license. Only go for experienced tattoo artists, before starting the head tattoos procedure check his old head crafting pictures or meet a person who crafted head tattoos from him. The skin of your scalp is quite thin and has more chance for bleeding, so give your scalp for tattoo crafting to that person who is fully expert for this work. Read more about A complete guide about hairline tattoos.

  1. Don’t choose your tattoo sketch in a hurry

Before getting hair tattoos think very carefully and give some time yourself for choosing the best and perfect tattoos for your head. Because permanent tattoos are not undone fully so it’s better for you to take some time before tattoo crafting. Check your tattoos again and again and also consult with your tattoo artist, until the design sketch perfectly fitted to your head.

  1. Prepare yourself for tolerating head tattoos pain

Tattooing is a painful task because the artist piercing your skin with a blare needle covers it with ink. So what do you think is it painful or not? There is no scientific proof available that levels of pain of each body part vary. But people believe that getting head tattoos are more painful than tattooing compared to body parts.

Reducing the pain of head tattooing is to prepare yourself mentally and physically to tolerate the pain. People who got head tattoos told that the sound of gun machines is quite loud, so take ear-pods and start to listen to your favorite song or beats, and it will help you to bring your focus on songs, not on tattooing pain of gun noise. If possible then take a painkiller with you, if your tattoo is a larger or complex one that is going to take a long time so it’s better to take medicine and some fruits or snacks with you.

  1. Shave your scalp before getting head tattoos

Don’t shave your scalp with a razor, many people make this mistake. Nicks and cuts can appear on your scalp if you are not an experienced bald man. These cuts can create complications while getting head tattoos. First, you will automatically get shaved scalp when you will go to your tattoo artist, he will shave your head with a disposable razor. Secondly, you can use a user-friendly & do-it-yourself electric head shaver because it is a very easy and safe method for head shaving,

  1. How to take care of fresh head tattoos?

Tattoo healing is the same as other healing injuries. Getting a tattoo means wounding the area that gets inked. Just imagine your skin is piercing with sharp needles, it leaves your skin wounded. How your skin healed automatically your head wounds will also heal. Every wound takes time for healing.

Don’t use ointment or antiseptic on your head tattoos because your head is already sterilized before getting a tattoo. Wound itching is a healing sign, when your head gets itched it’s a good sign and it indicated that your wounds are healing. Once your scalp gets itched then it’s important to keep your scalp moisturized. As much as possible try not to scratch or scrub even though you might die to do it.

Head tattoo designs suggestions:

Many head tattoos designs are available nowadays. I will tell you about a few best head tattoo designs, which are as follow;

  • Tribal head tattoo designs
  • Geometric head tattoo designs
  • Viking head tattoo designs
  • Dot-work head tattoo designs
  • Spooky head tattoo designs
  • Small and medium-sized head tattoo designs
  • Wild animal head tattoo designs
  • Side head tattoos designs
  • Fantasy head tattoo designs
  • Web-based head tattoo designs
  • Flowers head tattoo designs
  • Human face side head tattoo designs
  • Text writing head tattoo designs

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