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6 new ways to keep your hair soft and healthy

by Eric

While the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more challenging to go to the hairdresser on a consistent basis, this doesn’t mean that your hair needs to become damaged and less healthy while you’re waiting for everything to get back to normal. Even though it can be difficult to reverse the damage that has already occurred, there are many premium hair products that can help you prevent further damage to your hair. These products include everything from shampoos and serums to masks and sprays. Here are six highly effective products you can use to keep your hair soft and healthy.

The function of Beauty Hair Serum:

The Custom Hair Serum from Function of Beauty is a wonderful hair-care product that will leave your hair feeling moisturized and smooth without causing an oily film to develop. Along with reducing frizz by nearly 70%, it’s possible for this serum to protect your hair from thermal damage and increase the shine of your hair.

When you purchase this serum on the Function of Beauty website, you’ll notice that the composition of the serum can be tailored to your exact needs and hairstyle. You’ll be asked to select your natural hairstyle, hair structure, scalp moisture, up to five hair goals that you have, and your preferred fragrance. The finished product will match your specifications completely. Read more about  7 Tips for Caring for Hair Extensions.

Briogeo Hair Mask:

The Briogeo Hair Mask is a deep conditioning mask that can be found on Sephora. Once applied after shampooing, this mask only needs to remain in your hair for 10 minutes to obtain the many benefits it provides. A primary ingredient is rosehip oil, which actively reduces frizz and maintains hair hydration for softer and more luxurious hair.

The almond oil in this mask seals your cuticles for additional shine, while the algae extract naturally strengthens your hair as a result of the minerals, vitamins, and amino acids it provides. This mask accommodates all hair types.

Olaplex Hair Perfector:

The Olaplex Hair Perfector has over 97,000 ratings and reviews on Amazon, many of which talk about how silky and soft hair becomes after applying this product. Even if this leave-in conditioner is applied to dry and brittle hair, you should immediately notice a vast improvement in how soft and healthy your hair looks and feels.

Once you’ve worked the conditioner into the strands of your hair, all you need to do is leave the product in for 10 minutes before rinsing. As with most of the other products in this guide, this conditioner can be used with every hair type.

Be Free Shampoo:

Be Free Shampoo is a simple yet effective shampoo that contains no harsh chemicals and is free from ingredients that could harm your hair or damage the environment. These ingredients include phthalates, sulfates, and phosphates. This particular shampoo moisturizes both your scalp and hair to restore the natural shine that your hair once had.

KITSCH Nourishing Conditioner Bar:

The Kitsch Nourishing Conditioner Bar is designed to provide nourishment to every hair type, which will leave your hair soft and healthy. This conditioner bar is outfitted with shea butter, which is an extremely beneficial substance that’s able to restore your hair’s luster, moisture, and shine.

You’ll also benefit from the potent anti-inflammatory properties found within this bar. The bar itself lasts for 100 washes or so, which is equal to around two bottles of conditioner. You may notice that the Kitsch conditioner bar is vegan and natural, which means that artificial fragrances, silicones, and sulfates aren’t present in the bar itself.

Playa Ritual Hair Oil:

Whether your scalp has become greasy or the ends of your hair have all but dried out, the Playa Ritual Hair Oil is a light and fragrant oil that’s made from a combination of sunflower and coconut. Along with increasing your hair’s shine, this oil can smooth frizz and restore moisture to your hair. Because your hair will be infused with essential nutrients like vitamin K and vitamin E, even your most damaged strands can be improved considerably for a more natural appearance.

There are thousands of hair-care products that you can find on the internet. While many of these products produce consistent results and may be able to provide your hair with the look you want, the guide above removes the guesswork and provides you with everything you need to obtain soft, healthy, and beautiful hair.

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