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Which Is the Best Hair Oil for Men in India?

by Eric

Suffering from excessive hair fall, split ends, thinning hair, premature greying, dandruff, or frizzy hairs? Here’s an article that explains how opting for the best hair oil for men could help you by a mile to eradicate these issues. The key is to choose a gentle and toxin-free hair care solution aligned with your hair type and issues. We would also recommend using it regularly for a few weeks at the very least to see some visible results faster.

“Invest in your hair; it’s the crown you will never take off,” thus goes a famous saying. The trouble is that issues like hair fall and premature graying come up every now and then, given the current lifestyle patterns and dietary habits. Online statistics may vary, but it is quite sure that men suffer more from these issues than women, and merely popping some medicinal pills for it does not work.

Which is the best hair oil for men?

Most men do not often talk about it because they often take these haircare issues in their stride. They also do not give too much importance to a proper haircare plan (as women usually do), but they want a fabulous hairstyle. They spend too much time and money on several other aspects of their personality and grooming, but they fail to realize that their appearance flows from top to bottom and not the other way round.

Hair fall or hair thinning happens when the roots are weakened. It may be due to pollution, stress, illness (or medications), and sometimes changing weather conditions. Other possible reasons could be a lack of sleep and not taking nutritious foods every day.

If you have been struggling with issues like thinning hairs and premature greying, we recommend that you try the best hair oil for men. It would be preferable to go with a hair care product that is free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Such a product would provide you with the goodness of nature in its most pristine form. In other words, you should use hair oil for men that is made from natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful additives, not even any artificial fragrance.

3 Options You May Choose From

Among the best Hair Oil for Men, there are three options that one could choose from. These hair oils contain the goodness of nature and come enriched with natural ingredients. These ingredients include oils of bhringraj, almond, onion seed, castor, and tea tree that can treat issues like hair thinning, hair fall, and dandruff in an effective and hassle-free manner.

One such brand that offers a wide range of hair care products using the goodness of nature is Mamaearth. We are listing three of its best hair oils below:

  1. Onion Hair Oil for Hair Regrowth and Hair Fall Control with Redensyl

Our list of the best hair oil for men opens with a mention of onion-enriched hair oil. Made by Mamaearth, it is rich in sulfur, fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants that help improve hair growth. They also stop excessive hair loss and premature graying. This oil also contains amla extracts that provide an extra bit of iron and vitamin c content to boost hair growth and strength. Read more about 6 new ways to keep your hair soft and healthy.

  1. BhringAmla Hair Oil with Bhringraj and Amla for Intense Hair Treatment 

As a blend of 15 medicinal herbs, Mamaearth BhringAmla Hair Oil comes with the nutrition of Bhringraj and Amla. It helps a lot for Intense Hair Treatment therapies because it is made using an ancient Ayurvedic practice called ‘KshirPak Vidhi’ that requires the mixing of several ayurvedic herbs like Brahmi, Baheda, and Amla in a certain composition and percentage.

  1. Tea Tree Hair Oil with Tea Tree and Ginger Oil for Dandruff Free Hair

Are you looking to get rid of dryness and dandruff? Try Mamaearth Tea Tree Hair Oil with Tea Tree and Ginger Oil for Dandruff Free Hair for fast-acting relief. It comes enriched with natural ingredients like tea tree oil, bhringraj, and ginger that cure dryness and help healthier hair growth. It would also stop thinning of hair with regular application.

These are the three best Hair Oil for Men that you could use for the best results.

Using a hair mask could work wonders too!

A hair mask is a hair care product that offers nourishment through deep conditioning and intensive hair conditioning. It is of special importance for dry, heat-damaged, and chemically-treated hair. We recommend applying it after shampooing. This will remove the pollutants and excess oils from the scalp and help the mask reach deeper into the roots at a faster rate.

Caution: Be sure to apply it from the mids of your hair to the tip, and do not apply it on the scalp directly.

Here are two best masks you could use for your hair today:

  1. Onion Hair Mask for Hair Fall Control (With Onion Oil and Organic Bamboo Vinegar)

Looking for something that replenishes your scalp and revitalizes the hair roots with adequate nutrients? Your hair could be damaged due to stress, pollution, lack of nutrition, or chemical treatment. Whatever be the reason, you can switch to this Mamaearth hair care product. It contains onion oil, coconut oil, organic bamboo vinegar, and rosemary extracts that make your hair thicker, shinier, stronger, and just about the best!

  1. Argan Hair Mask with Argan, Avocado Oil, and Milk Protein for Frizz-free and Stronger Hair

Enriched with argan and rosemary oils, this toxin-free mask makes hair stronger and reduces frizz. You can also expect it to deeply nourish and condition your hair and thus help you get rid of issues like hair thinning, hair fall, and dandruff. You should apply it twice a week to have strengthened hair follicles and hair shafts.

Summing up

This was our take on the three best hair oil for men. We recommend you use one of them and a mask (for hair) to get the best hair care experience and to drive away issues like hair thinning, excessive hair fall, premature graying, and dandruff. In addition, a regular and judicious application of these toxin-free hair care products would help you have longer, stronger, and shinier hair every day!

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