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Get rid of Cankles; 4 effective exercises

by Eric

Cankles can be the most horrible scenario that might be appearing in your physical appearance. Cankles is a Slang word that describes the lower leg when the ankle and calf do not have a clear separation. It looks like that they are not separate continues a body part. It can cause when the individual’s calf muscles are not developed, or it can cause because extra fat around your ankle and calf. Everyone has unique body features like height, weight, organ shape. But you can tone your body according to your desire by exercising. We will enlighten you on how can you get rid of your cankles problem with 4 easy exercises. Read more about How to lose chest fat?

4 effective exercises; get rid of cankles

You can not only reduce your calf fats with these 4 exercises you can lose your weight and make your body slim trip. 4 calf reducing fats exercises are described below;

  1. Pick a weight and raises a calf

For this exercise, you can use dumbbells, full of water plastic bottles, kettlebells, or barbells. It’s a superficial calf and deep calf exercise.


  • Stand upright and starch your legs a little more from your shoulders width, holding your dumbbells in your hands and also straight your arms at legs direction
  • Push your body upward by pressing your dumbbells down
  • Raise your heels off from the ground
  • Hold this movement for a very short time at the top
  • Then bring down your heels back to the ground
  • Don’t lock your knees, slightly bend them
  • Do 3 sets of this exercise with 15 repetitions. With the passage of time, you can increase your reps per set to 20 and also increase the dumbbell’s weight.
  1. Rope jumping

This exercise is related to our childhood. Children play rope jumping and enjoy this exercise but they don’t even realize that they are exercising. For this exercise, you just need a rope with the appropriate length.


  • Stand up and take the rope in both hands
  • Keep in mind that when you are leaping your heels are not touching the ground
  • Find a breath rhythm during jumping
  • In starting days you aim to 5 sets of 1 minute jumping with 30 to 60 seconds of rest in between
  • You can also increase your jumping time and reps as you desired
  1. Sit on a chair and raise your calf

For this cankles exercise you can use kettlebells, sandbags, weight plates, or a barbell. This is an easy exercise compared to other explained exercises.


  • Sit on a chair and keep your back straight
  • Put the weight on the top of your knees
  • Then put pressure on your toes and raise your heels upward to raise the weight
  • Hold this position for a while
  • Bring your heels back to the ground
  • 3 sets with 20 repetitions, you can give strength to your claves by this exercise. Start with less weight.
  1. Lunge calf raise

You can perform this cankles exercise with the help of kettlebells, weight plate. This will help you to also lose your thigh fat, produce flexibility in your hips girdle, and in your claves muscles.


  1. Stand upright, holding your weight in front of your chest
  2. Then take on a large step forward of your right leg & dip into a lunge, with both legs bent at 90-degree angles
  3. Raise your right heel off from the ground up by putting pressure on your toe to lift the weight up which is on your knee.
  4. Hold for a while and then bring down your heel back on the floor
  5. Then repeat these all steps to your left leg
  6. Aim to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions

By performing these 4 exercises regularly you can tone your ankles and claves, and soon cankles will be a past thing. One important thing is just to love yourself and don’t obsessed with your body part nothing is impossible. Just determine and start!

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