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The Best Mexican food in San Antonio

by Eric

If there’s one thing everyone in San Antonio has thought for, that’s where one can find the simplest tacos, the simplest chispa, the simplest ceviche, the simplest Tex-Mex … and so on, and so on. We all have our favorite hole-in-the-wall, or mercantile establishment that gives the best Mexican food within the city (if not the country), but there are a couple of restaurants and food trucks that face time testing and win – which long life should be celebrated, too.

The places we highlighted below include all of these qualities, giving a varied look to the best Mexican food San Antonio has got to offer, whatever you would like. In this topic, we’ll discuss the Best Mexican food in San Antonio.

Best all around: El Mirador

  • Southtown

El Mirador has been around since 1968, serving a number of the simplest chicharrones and morning tacos in town – think hot, fresh, tortillas and plenty of spices. For lunch, poblano chili Rellenos are a godsend, with a delicious meal and a touch fried poblano pepper to a T. Upstairs, the restaurant itself has many sunny living spaces, and is found in Southdown, making it easy to steer around town or meander between shops and bars on the streets. Read more about 7 Foods to Eat to Prevent Clogged Arteries.

  • Alamo Heights

Located in Alamo Heights, this beautiful restaurant offers traditional Tex-Mex food with some twists and turns. they need free gluten and paleo menus – some restaurants aren’t as sensitive as others. they’re usually packed for dinner so booking is required. If you’re trying to find differently to form margarita or chispa, this place has it – offering artistic cocktails like Mula Mexicana, Cinco Jalapeno-Tini, or ’09 Mojito (which scans the Alamo Heights code, says it ends at number 09).

Where Paloma Blanca hits outside the park, however, there’s also its queso – especially the queso fundido, made with melted Monterey cheese, chorizo, gulf shrimp, tomatoes, and skeleton extracted peppellano. A word of the wise, however: if you order a queso fundido, you’ll not get to the purpose.

  • Alta Vista

La Fonda in Main may be a real classic, and (allegedly) the oldest Mexican restaurant in San Antonio, has been open since 1932; if you would like to bring guests to the normal Tex-Mex option in town, here it’s. The service is free, but the restaurant is noisy in the dark, and bookings are needed for weekend meals.

The food is delicious, there are Mexican interior dishes next to the enchiladas and queso you’d expect, but La Fonda truly shines with its one traditional form; the restaurant itself is found in an old building within the historic Alta Vista and has recently been renovated. Meals inside a historic building, or outside on a tree-lined balcony, give San Antonio a delicious taste that a lot of of the busy Riverwalk restaurants can’t measure, either.

  • Different places

Los Balito’s (formerly Los Robertos) offers an excellent deal of homemade tacos, taco plates, and enchiladas, except for those trying to find more Cal-Mex food in their diet, burritos here are a trick. additionally, to the well-filled burritos in California the world is understood for, you’ll also find these flour-filled fats crammed with almost any filling you’ll think of: great help with meat, queso, lightly fried vegetables, eggs, salsa, and beans are all good choices. Los Balito is open 24/7, and while they do not offer alcoholic beverages, Big Hops is sweet enough for neighbors to allow you to bring food – this is often a winning combination.

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