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Study in Brisbane: why, where and how?

by REX

Brisbane, a beautiful Australian city on the east coast, is in fact Australia’s third largest city in terms of population (2 million people).

If you are thinking of coming to live in Brisbane for a season, either to study an undergraduate course or a vocational VET course, this city will be a great option that you should not rule out. We tell you why.

Why study in Brisbane?

Brisbane is great and many international students are already realizing it, in fact in the latest report on the happiest cities in the world , Brisbane is in the top 10, even ahead of Sydney and Melbourne.

Reason 1: It is a big city with a small atmosphere

Don’t you see yourself living in a very small city but the big ones overwhelm you? Well then Brisbane may be perfect for you. It has movement and gives you space, but at the same time it is quiet, you can walk to many places, the neighborhoods are cozy, etc.

Reason 2: It is cheaper than the “other big ones”

The cost of living is lower than in Sydney or Melbourne. Here you can take a look at the price of accommodation in Brisbane and its different neighborhoods.

Reason 3: You have very cool places nearby

You will have a lot of places to discover within less than two hours by car, such as Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Southport, Burleigh Heads, Noosa …

Reason 4: The climate is one of the best in Australia

It has very mild and sunny winters and in summer the temperatures do not rise too high. Do you like cities with a lot of sun? Well, Brisbane has an average of 300 days of sunshine a year.

Reason 5: There is a great atmosphere

Brisbane is becoming quite popular with students. For this reason, there is a lot of atmosphere both “culture” and partying. In addition, it has fabulous green spaces with wooded areas and the banks of the river are great for walking and enjoying life outdoors.

Reason 6: It is growing a lot

It is the city in Australia that has been growing the most in recent years. For this reason, the labor market is dynamic and generates many jobs, many of which are qualified.

What and where to study in Brisbane?

In Brisbane you can study what you want and where you want. Keep in mind that it is very fashionable among international students and therefore its course offer is varied and of a high level .

Most of our students have come to Australia on a student visa to take a VET course. There are on many topics; from business administration to fitness to marketing or graphic design.

If you are clear that what you want is to study English, there are many excellent language schools in Brisbane.

If you want to study at the university, Brisbane gives you many options.

To find the suitable schools out, you can use School Finder. It will assist you to find different kinds of schools in Brisbane with simple clicks.

How to study in Brisbane?

To come to study in Brisbane, you will need to take several steps: choose the course and school where you want to study, enroll, apply for a student visa, open a bank account in Australia, find accommodation, and many more …

A mess? Yes, but luckily, we have CatEight. It is a comprehensive course application platform that enables you to find schools, courses, agents, apply for courses and Australian student visa. With it, studying in Brisbane will become much easier.

That’s all for why, where and how to study in Brisbane. If you are interested to study in the city, you can take action right now!

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