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Jotaro Kujo | 10 facts you didn’t know about Jotaro

by Eric

In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, a single family’s history is covered over the course of six generations. It’s a series that evolves with each new instalment, occasionally adopting radically diverse tones for a single plot arc before quitting altogether. This method of delivering a story has kept the series going and made the cast memorable. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a story that follows half a dozen generations of the same family. It’s a series that changes with each iteration, at times taking on radically different tones for one story arc before moving on completely. It’s this approach to storytelling that makes the show live and the cast memorable. At the center of it all is Jotaro Kujo, the third protagonist of the series and possibly the face of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. He’s a hero in the franchise time and time again, so it goes without saying that fans will be eager to learn more about him.

Most active JoJo by the mile:

No other character in the series appears with the same frequency as Jotaro Kujo. Joseph and Dio appear in three parts, but Jotaro appears in four. Acting as the main character in Stardust Crusaders, the main character in Diamond is Unbreakable, a cameo in Vento Aureo, and then a minor character in Stone Ocean. He sticks with the series until Stone Ocean reboots the original sequence, which is fitting destiny for JoJo, who managed to see most of the series go by. Since Parts 7 and 8 are running in a new sequence, it is unlikely that Jotaro will be able to add a fifth to his resume anytime soon. Read more about


The world never surpasses the world:

During the final battle in Stardust Crusaders, Dio can use Mir to freeze time for up to ten seconds at a time. As the fight progresses, Jotaro slowly begins to adapt to the stop of time, developing his own version of the technique with his Stand – Star Platinum: The World. As a result, he can keep up with DIO and eventually beat him. But he never really gets better at using his version of the World. By the end of the episode, the best Jotaro can do with Star Platinum: The World is to freeze time for about five seconds. Failure to take over the world largely contributed to Jotaro’s final defeat at Stone Ocean … among other things, of course.

Jotaro preserves Joestar’s legacy:

Without Jotaro, Diamond is Unbreakable, Vento Aureo and Stone Ocean will struggle to connect with Joestar’s overarching legacy. Yes, they are all Joestars, but in fact, it is Jotaro who brings them to JoJo’s world. For Josuke, it allows readers to look at JoJo’s world from a new perspective. For Giorno, Jotaro’s brief presence through Koichi properly contextualizes the story so that viewers understand how it ties into the overarching story. For Jolyne, Jotaro‘s role as her father allows part 6 to explore the parenting aspect of the series, which JJBA tends to neglect. Above all, Jotaro cherishes the legacy of Joestar.

How Jotaro destroyed his marriage:

Jotaro may be a good character, but that doesn’t mean he’s a good husband – not that this should surprise fans of the show. Stardust Crusaders show a lot about Jotaro struggling to communicate in society. He gets a little better thanks to “Diamond is Unbreakable”, but not to the point that his behavior does not create problems. Stone Ocean takes a rather painfully realistic approach to Jotaro’s personal life and reveals that Jotaro’s marriage fell apart because he couldn’t balance his family life with work. Considering who Jotaro is as a person, it only makes sense. It’s a shame that Jolene is going through all this.

Favorite Jotaro Movie: “Never Cry, Wolf”:

Never Cry Wolf is a big event for Disney that is often not talked about. 1983’s Never Cry Wolf was the first Disney film to be released under the Walt Disney Pictures label and is truly a masterpiece. It is a film with heavy pro-environmental themes that requires mature understanding. It’s interesting that this is Jotaro’s favorite movie. It’s a way to give Jotaro a depth that may have been difficult to express organically in dialogue. This little detail goes a long way towards adding depth to a character. This certainly makes Jotaro more three-dimensional.

Jotaro becomes a marine biologist:

David Production actually did a pretty good job of it in the anime adaptation. During his leisure time, Jotaro occasionally reads magazines about marine life. In the manga, Jotaro only became a marine biologist after the fact, but the anime correctly emphasizes some of Jotaro’s early maritime love. This probably explains why he wears a white suit in both Diamonds is Unbreakable and Vento Aureo, but there is nothing to suggest that he is still not a marine biologist at Stone Ocean, where he wears more traditional clothing JJBA. Either way, marine biology is undoubtedly Jotaro’s passion, no matter the environment. The man loves his fish.

Jolyne – Jotaro’s weakness:

Stone Ocean doesn’t have the happiest ending for everyone involved. Or at least it doesn’t come to that. Jolyne and Jotaro have a terribly strained relationship, and they won’t necessarily improve by the end. However, Jotaro ends up losing his life after being distracted by Jolyne’s well-being. Despite all of Jotaro’s flaws, he cared deeply for Jolyne – to the core. Jotaro was unable to communicate well with his daughter, and it ended up costing him his life. Apparently, he came back to life in the Irish Universe, but now everything has changed, hasn’t it?

Jotaro was supposed to look like Joseph:

It goes without saying that family members should have similarities to each other, but the constant development of Araki’s artistic style in Jojo makes it difficult to spot similarities at times. This is where David Production comes in handy. In the anime, Jotaro does indeed look like Joseph when his cap is removed. A much more evil Joseph with thicker eyebrows, but Jotaro is definitely not much different from his grandfather. This is even commented in-universe in Part 4, where Josuke’s mother mistakes Jotaro for Joseph. Interestingly, there is no real visual similarity between Jotaro and his daughter. This is something that anime can easily fix.

Jotaro Hat:

The popular Jotaro hat is enhanced with a golden button in the center of the front and a rectangular plate on the left. The hat is ripped and appears as if it is mixed with Jotaro’s hair. In the case at first, the hat and hair are clearly separated, and the boundary between the two is obscured as the chain progresses. Araki explains that he needs to get to know Jotaro from the back as much as he was from the front, and thus the hat.

Unbreakable diamond:

Jotaro has changed the outfit multiple times during Diamond is Unbreakable. This costume shares a hat and coat with baggy pants, all white. His first outfit consisted of a white pleated collar coat, and the sleeves were trimmed with the same triangular paving stone as the belts. He still wears a sleeveless shirt with a diagonal belt on his chest. His hat is decorated with a metallic “J” next to a heart-shaped pine tree with the symbol of a palm.
Jotaro wears his second costume through the bow. The chase is underway! He remembers a high school uniform with a solid collar coat and a simple T-shirt. His hat is decorated with pine trees in the form of dolphins and sun, and his coat is decorated on the right with a plate in the form of a dolphin forming a heart, as well as a pine tree in the form of a square on the left. His last outfit wears a coat with the same sleeves as his first outfit.

Jotaro and Taro in Part 3:

Tarot has an effect on all Stardust Crusaders. This is the namesake of all the original stands. While the series will eventually move away from this naming convention, it is a notable starting point for booth names. Interestingly, Jotaro’s name is a combination of both Jojo and Taro. Given the way Part 3 uses the Tarot as part of its overall aesthetic and style, it is appropriate for Jotaro to be named after such an important aspect of Stardust Crusader’s personality. This is also probably a way to keep Jotaro’s name quite similar to those of Jonathan and Joseph, while still retaining the appropriate Japanese sound.

Jotaro Kujo makes appearances in the series more frequently than any other character. Jotaro has four pieces, compared to Joseph and DIO’s three each. Stardust Crusaders’ protagonist, a significant character in Diamond is Unbreakable, a cameo in Vento Aureo, and finally a supporting role in Stone Ocean.

He continues to watch the show right up until Stone Ocean reboots the original continuity, which is a fitting end for the JoJo who got to watch the most of the series.


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