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John Hancock Regional Bank Fund

by Eric

The John Hancock Regional Bank Fund is also saying JRBFX. It is the Mutual Fund rank2. This contains 9 abstracts. which is Size, amount, and background performance information. This bank is a potential option.

About John Hancock Regional Bank Fund (FRBAX):

The fund is investing 80% on its net amount. These types of banks may include the size. In commercial banks, there is no limit. Industrial and bank holding companies can release financial loans. They may invest either in the U.S. or other foreign countries.

The Fund can be investing 5% on net assets. The bounce rate is low as CCC.

Ranking of John Hancock regional bank fund (FRBAX):

U.S news survey 72 companies. it listed in 18 ranking positions. Due to top rating fund. Long-term investment.

Performance of John Hancock regional bank fund (FRBAX):

The performance can be predicted through the Ranking. Last year 73% of funds can be returned. And 3.21% more past back 3 years. and 11.88 % past 5 years. These stacks make them trustworthy and responsible. Read more about What is UstockTrade? UstockTrade review.

They have different classes. On which FRBAX can work. Every class has different police of working.

History of Fund:

John Hancock regional bank was established in 1992 January. FRBAX collects assets of about $884.83 million. The fund is managed by a professional team. The fund collects naturally through an investor. Based on a strong performance. The fund delivery is according to the above Performance figures. the top 3rd category is peers. There are both long and short-term annualized total mentions.

Risky Points: 

Everything has some advantages and disadvantages. You should have known the pros and cons before the investment. One negative point is they lost 54.74% most recent market performance. With a negative alpha of -1.02. Find it difficult to pick securities that generate better than benchmark returns.

Before dealing, you should keep in mind the above point. You have to

  • Face Cybersecurity and operational risk: they have been allowed to share customer personal data with a non-authorized party.
  • Economic and marketing: Bank and suffer losses if the interest rate makes high.
  • Forging security: some information is available regarding this. Sometimes currencies issues and taxing are Applied.

Not only these. there is a lot of risks. Some of them according to the circumstance .or vary person to person.

Investment Policy:

The fund is available at no transaction fee. The funds are provided by FMR, LLC, Morningstars. Class A and Class C require a minimum investment which is $1000. This fee is applicable for only eligible investment products. The minimum deposit for Class I shares is $250,000.and the Class R6 shares is $1 million. The fund which is distributed is taxable.

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