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Jessie Rasberry | Final fantasy VII | Jessie ff7

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Jessie Rasberry | Final fantasy VII | Jessie ff7

Overview of Jessie FF7

Final Fantasy fans have been waiting for years for the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, a completely reimagined rerun of one of the most beloved chapters in the series. And while the game released by Square Enix this week covers only part of the original experience with several coming in later versions it offers fans a largely expanded and graphically enhanced version of Midgar to explore.

There are also a lot of familiar faces. Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith are at the forefront of the fight against Shinra Electric Power Company, which drains the planet Gaia from its life force to power its own technology. Avalanche, an eco-terrorist group created to stop Shinra, launches a plan to destroy the organization’s energy reactors, and put an end to its grotesque machine.

Obscure, and originally dissatisfied mercenary and a previous constituent of SOLDIER, Shinra’s elite safety force, joins Avalanche at the start of the game and meets a lot of the groups the majority bright, including Wedge, Biggs, and Jessie. If these names sound familiar to you, it’s because they all appeared in the unique Jessie ff7. In the remake, these characters are downloaded a little more and their time on the screen is extended.

Those who played the original game know how to play their stories and will discover that a familiar face can await this trio in the remake, although their ending is more ambiguous than in the original. After bombing the reactors in Sector 1 and Sector 5 in Midgar, Shinra decides to retaliate by throwing part of the upper town on the slums in Sector 7 and the Avalanche headquarters below. In a try to stop Shinra, a constituent of the landslide rush to guard the support of Sector 7, but fall short and the majority are killed in the procedure. Wedge, Biggs, and Jessie die during this attack in the original game.

But Jessie ff7 Remake plays with events and changes certain things that might surprise fans. While Jessie dies in slightly different circumstances than in the original – crushed by rubble, Biggs and Wedge barely survive this attack. Read more

Meanwhile, Wedge helps the heroes during the attack on the Shinra Tower but is eventually overwhelmed by the Whispers, and the game suggests that he was pushed out the window until his death, suggesting that Wedge died as he did. in the original game. But we never see him actually thrown out the window. We only hear the glass break as the screen fades to black. This could mean that he survived the fall or is simply a false exit.


It is clear by the end of the game that Jessie ff7 Remake creates an alternate chronology of events and that things may not go as expected. Although you’ll be left wondering what happened to Biggs and Wedge after the release of credits on Final Fantasy VII Remake, which ends immediately after Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret, and Red XIII get rid of Midgar, it’s not the only time in the series on who will meet Wedge, Biggs, and Jessie in the franchise. In fact, other versions of these three characters exist in other installments.

Fans of the series know that Final Fantasy has a tradition of reusing characters in installments, even if most of the entries have nothing to do with each other. For example, each main entry in the Final Fantasy II series features a character named Cid in either a major or minor role. (He was even reconnected in a remake of the original Final Fantasy years later.) Each version of Cid is slightly different in Final Fantasy II, it’s a minor character flying an airship like a series of taxis, while in Final Fantasy IV is a playable character who designs airships and in Jessie ff7 he is the principal of a school. in spite of the reality that each one CID is officially a different character, he is more often than not a kind of mechanic, engineer, or steers who helps the character.

Wedge and Biggs initially appeared in Final Fantasy VI as soldiers of the Gestahlian Empire, accompanying the protagonist Terra Branford on a mission to the mining town of Narshe, which opposes the imperial rule. The duo is probably killed when confronted by the frozen Valigarmanda hopper inside the Narshe mines.

These characters were, of course, inspired by the wingmen that flew with Luke Skywalker during the Death Star attack in the original Star Wars, Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles. Persistent to Star Wars in Final Fantasy VI is suitable, as the story places a collection of liberty fighters against an influential territory. Biggs and Wedge have appeared in several other Final Fantasy games, including the latest version, Final Fantasy XV. I’m also in the beloved 1995 Chrono Trigger RPG, where I team up with another character named Piette, named after the imperial admiral in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Biggs and Wedge usually appear as soldiers, guards, or government agents.

An alternate version of Jessie appears in the MMO Final Fantasy XIV, where she is known as Jessie Jaye. In that world, she is the vice president of Garland Ironworks, an engineering organization that helps with the war effort against Garlemald. (The Cid, Biggs, and Wedge versions also work for Garland Ironworks in this game.) Jessie Jaye, who wears a backing band and has brown hair, tied in a ponytail, even looks like her Final Fantasy VII counterpart,

Although it is possible that these characters fell in Final Fantasy VII Remake, their story continues in other parts of the series. If you fell in love with these characters so many years ago or you know them for the first time now, there are a lot of other adventures in which to meet this trio. This is definitely a great excuse to come back and play Final Fantasy VI.

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