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I Liked The Name Nautilus So Much That I Actually Bought A Treadmill

by Eric

Yes, you read that right! I am talking about the nautilus t618, a treadmill I recommend you check out if you’re considering getting new sports equipment for your home.

Of course, the name was just the first thing that got my attention. Before buying the nautilus t618 treadmill, I checked all kinds of reviews, and I even had to convince my wife that we need to get this treadmill to improve our health condition. Normally, we would just agree to hit the gym together at least 3 times a week, but since we still struggle fighting this pandemic, that was not an option for us.

Let me just tell you all the reasons why you should at least consider getting to install a treadmill in your home, and then this decision is up to you!

  • It does wonders for introverts!

As a fellow introverted person, hitting the gym was never easy for me. ‘How do I use this thing, do I look weird all sweaty like this, I am pretty sure those people are mocking me’ – these are just some thoughts that used to cross my mind in the middle of my training session. I used to feel so anxious and self-conscious that it surely affected the efficiency of my workout.

This changed once I got a treadmill at home! I am working alone and I don’t care anymore if my workout is making me sweat or if I look silly while running!

  • You save precious time by using it!

Let me just break it down for you. It used to take me around 30 minutes to get to the gym, and another 10 minutes to get changed of my clothes. I had to get back home, too, so that’s almost one and a half hours wasted.

Not anymore! Since the treadmill is in the living room, I save precious time and I can also multitask easily while working out. Either we will be talking about reading, studying, or watching my favorite TV series, I can do all these things while exercising! Read more about Lifetime fitness club Las Vegas.

  • A treadmill is way safer than running outside!

Here, I am especially talking about a husband with a beautiful, loving wife that wants to get in shape, too! She always has a tight schedule and the only time she can work out is in the evening. That can get dangerous, especially if you’re living in a neighborhood that is not always safe.

Our little neighborhood doesn’t have sidewalks for some reason, so she would have to run on the side of the street. What if she doesn’t hear a car approaching her?

Running on the treadmill is the safest choice. Our treadmill is a quiet one, so she can use it even late at night without causing trouble to our neighbors.

  • It connects you with your friends

Now we are talking about the wonders of technology, but as a tech enthusiast, I could not miss this opportunity! Technology has reached such a point where all the biometric data that the treadmill is collecting during your workout can be synced directly to one of your fitness apps via Bluetooth and then shared with your friends!

I love this! It is so much easier for me to share my fitness journey with other people than it used to be!

  • In the end, it helps you save money!

How can that be possible? Well, let me explain this to you. The gym culture revolves around looking in the best condition while working out and, honestly, that is just one of the reasons why going to the gym is not my cup of tea!

The gym subscriptions are super expensive, especially when it comes to the ones that let you hit the gym in the evening, after work. Then, you need to get multiple gym clothes that you can wear on different days, shoes, a bottle of water, and other stuff that don’t come to my mind right now, but all of these things are expensive and at some point, you will need to buy them again.

Working out at home means that you won’t have to pay for any of these! Of course, you do need sports equipment, but you can also work out in your jammies if that’s what you want to do! No one will judge you!

I hope that my insights will help you decide to purchase your treadmill, too!

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