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4 Efficient Magnet Tricks to Organise Your Laundry Area

by Eric

Magnets are one of the phenomenal inventions humans have ever made. Meanwhile, though block magnets look very plain and simple, you can use them for all kinds of hacks all over your house. For instance, if you are searching for a fix to make your spaces more usable, these blocks work well. So, find out four efficient magnet tricks which you can use to organize your laundry area. And even if this is a secluded space that only you frequently go to, you must keep it neat and well-maintained. Let’s get started!

  1. Craft an Inventive Ironing Solution

If your laundry room is a tight space, you won’t get any chance to set up an ironing board. And it would be unsightly to do so in other areas of the house. Likewise, a bedroom is your sanctuary, so an ironing board doesn’t belong there. Instead, you can use an ironing mat. This very flexible material can be readily stored when not in use.

The best part, some of them are magnetic, so you can put the mat directly on top of your metal washer or dryer to avoid shifting. And if you don’t have one but a plain mat, you can make your own by using block magnets to secure it to the machine. It’s an easy solution to ensure your ironing mat doesn’t move as you do your ironing chores. Read more about Best Tips To Keep Your Home Clean.

  1. Tack an Unpaired Sock to the Washer

Everyone knows that doing laundry sometimes results in the case of the missing sock. Almost every load has one errant sock with no partner. It can be very frustrating to deal with this, especially if you lose your favorite pair. But how will you find a solution for this?

It’s simple with magnets! If you are left with one random sock whose partner may have been mixed with another load, then you can tack it with a magnet to the surface of the machine. Then, you can leave it hanging there until the missing match is rediscovered.

  1. Create a Label for Storage Plastic Bins

If you want to ensure your laundry area stays organised, you can use plastic bins and baskets, and this ensures that everything is neat and orderly. On top of that, it would prevent you from misplacing your laundry essentials when you’ve got them labeled correctly.

You can create a label without having to dirty the bin itself with a permanent marker. Since the stuff inside can change, you can create temporary labels with magnets. Also, avoid using tape as they leave a sticky residue over time. But, with two disc magnets and a piece of paper, you’ve got a solution. Write down what items are inside and sandwich the paper in between the magnets and plastic bin. En voila, you are done!

  1. Craft a Cool Custom Storage Fix

The coolest thing about using magnets is they come in different shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Best of all, they offer a temporary solution giving you flexibility and versatility. Thus, you can readily rearrange them for whatever project you have. For example, create a custom storage solution for your laundry area with them.

You can use the magnets on your dryer and washer. Alternatively, you can install a magnetic surface on one of the walls. From there, you make hook magnets to hold things like mesh laundry bags or delicates. Meanwhile, you can use the bigger disc magnets to attach cans of winkle spray or stain removers for easy-grab and go.

So, clearly, magnets can make your life easy if you find creative ways to make the most out of them.

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