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Chaz Bono & Whitney Thore Weight Loss Journey

by Eric

If you also have worried about your extra fatty body and you are fed up with efforts then read this article in this blog you will know about 2 personalities one is male and the other is female. They look very fat in their former photos but now you will not recognize them because they look now totally different from the past they burn their extra fats with hard-toiling workouts and diets. In this blog, you will know about their weight loss journey. I will share their thoughts and affecting factors that will help you to inspire and you will also lose your extra fat. First, we will talk about Chaz Bono weight loss and after finishing his weight loss journey story we will enlighten you about Whitney Thore weight loss journey. Are you ready if you want to inspire yourself for weight loss then read my blog from head to toe so let’s get started? Stay tuned with us fellas!

Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono’s real name is Chaz Salvatore Bono. He is an American writer, musician, and actor. His reason for his popularity is that he is the son of entertainers, Sonny Bono and Cher. In his childhood, he appeared in their TV show “The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour”. He openly declared himself as a transsexual man. Except for these all things in 2012 he was a very fatty man. He wanted to lose weight he tried various things to achieve his goal. His weight loss story is a motivation for those males who lose their hearts and they admit to being a loser and they think they never can lose weight.

Chaz Bono Weight loss:

He started his goal of weight loss by deciding on 50 pounds to lose. But he loses more than 50 pounds he loses more than 80 pounds. When he decided to lose weight his weight was 250 pounds. And now he is living a healthier life with his perfect and smart body. Now he is strictly following a diet that includes meat and vegetable in rich amounts. Read more about Weight loss consultation and benefits.

If we talk about his diet Chaz said: “I really feel satisfied and comfortable with the way I eat now. It is amazing, and for me, it feels like a kind of miracle. I never thought I’d be that kind of person”. The LGBT activist said about his Chaz Bono weight loss: “he noticed in his personality, he has more confidence and feels happy with what he saw in the mirror”.

Whitney Thore:

Her real name is Whitney Way Thore. She was born on April 14 in 1984. She is an American TV celebrity. She is popular on TV because of her fatty appearance. Her reason and source of popularity is her TV show MY Big Fat Fabulous Life. This show airs on TLC. She was known as a big woman. She was very satisfied with her appearance but when she was cheated by her boyfriend Chase she decided to get weight loss surgery.

Whitney Thore Weight Loss

Whitney revealed that she lost 70 pounds weight. She posted a video of her partnership with NoBSactive. It is a monthly workout subscription. “Y’all I’m excited! @nobsactive took a month’s hiatus, but now we’re back and better than ever!

She said: “NoBSactive is a body-positive, diet-free workout program that focused on the joy of movement and the mental and physical benefits exercise has. We offer lots of modification, so whether you’re an athlete or a beginner, the workout will still be challenging”. Whitney Thore’s weight loss journey little has a sad story behind it. But she has done her task and she is still doing it.

By these 2 stories, we should learn that we will never lose courage and never get disappointed.


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