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How to Take Back Control Following a Birth Injury

by Eric

Birth injuries undoubtedly rank high on the list of traumatic birth experiences for new mothers. Your baby can develop conditions like cerebral palsy, facial paralysis, fractures, and Erb’s palsy due to several things that can go wrong during the birthing process, ranging from oxygen deprivation to medical negligence.

It is common to deal with overwhelming emotions in the aftermath of such experiences, so it is always best to find the best way to regain control after a birth injury. Here are some essential tips worth following to take back control after a traumatic birth injury experience.

File a birth injury lawsuit.

Birth injury lawsuits are a form of legal action that may help you and your family receive financial compensation and get some justice for your child. These lawsuits are necessary if doctors, nurses, or other medical personnel are directly responsible for your child’s injuries. A birth injury lawsuit’s primary goal is to secure enough financial compensation to cover birth injury treatment costs. This compensation allows you to fund physical therapy, rehabilitation, and medication. The financial compensation from a birth injury lawsuit can also pay for emotional damages, adaptive equipment, and home modifications that make your house a more comfortable space for your child growing up. Therefore, it is essential to partner with a great law firm to boost your chances of winning your birth injury case. Experienced personal injury lawyers such as Schwaner Injury Law can handle these concerns.

Schwaner Injury Law is a leading personal injury law firm assisting individuals and families in Arlington Heights, DuPage County, Cook County, Des Plaines, Kane County, Schaumburg, Lake County, and other areas new Chicago, with a broad range experience working on personal injury cases. Some of their practice areas include medical malpractice, wrongful death, slip and falls, car accidents, product liability, and birth injury. After a traumatic birth injury experience, families considering legal action can hire an excellent Chicago birth injury lawyer to help them with every aspect of their case. You may be entitled to fair compensation under Illinois law, which can help you handle present and future medical costs due to birth injury malpractice. Moreover, these attorneys have extensive experience in the birth injury litigation field, securing full compensations for many families in the state of Illinois to help them cover the short and long-term costs of their children’s birth injuries.

Find the best treatment.

Medical treatment can significantly improve your child’s quality of life down the line, so it is always advisable to seek treatment options for your baby. For example, physical therapy can treat Erb’s palsy and cerebral palsy, helping your child regain sensation and develop muscle strength. Furthermore, surgery may be your best bet to handle skull fractures and nerve damage-related injuries. Also, doctors can prescribe various medications that can treat symptoms of various birth injuries. For instance, muscle relaxants and pain killers can provide relief to children with cerebral palsy who have tight and painful muscle spams. However, these medications may not come cheap, so you can always explore ways to save money on some of these drugs. Helpful digital health marketplaces such as USA Rx can assist with this need.

USArx is a coupon discount and pharmacy card program that helps millions of Americans save big on their medication costs at over 60,000 local pharmacies countrywide. You can save on popular drugs like doxycycline, Strattera, Retin-A, Pyridium, tretinoin, Cialis, Adderall, and rogaine using USA Rx coupons. Also, their free mobile app helps you search for and compare prescription drug prices at local and digital pharmacies alike. This way, you can access the prescription savings and options marketplace from the comfort of your home.

Talk to a therapist.

Therapy may also be effective in helping you cope with the physical, emotional, and mental stress from your traumatic birth injury experience. As a parent, you may feel intense grief, guilt, and fear after learning your child’s diagnosis, and this can even harm your relationship with your spouse. Therefore, talking to a therapist or other mental health professionals may help you navigate these negative feelings and can benefit couples who struggle with communication after the experience. However, finding the right therapist is essential to effectively navigating these feelings. Leading therapist search platforms will come in handy when seeking a great therapist.

With Therapy is a therapist search platform that simplifies the entire process of finding the right therapy for your unique needs. First, users can begin their therapy journey by outlining their background, concerns, and preferences. Then, the platform considers various therapist characteristics, styles, and specialities to produce an individualized list of therapists that are suitable matches for you. Furthermore, this platform is inclusive, helpful, and compassionate, taking the stress out of finding a therapist for your mental health needs.

In conclusion, a birth injury experience can be traumatic and overwhelming for families. The points above are some tips worth following to regain control in the aftermath of your traumatic birth injury experience.

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