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How IP69K series is best for bearing harsh environment?

by Eric

Elsteel is a Danish company owned by Feodora (Fang) and Alexander Logstrup. The siblings took over Elsteel in 2013 from founder Erik Logstrup.  Erik Logstrup was the visionary who invented the 200mm Techno Module system and he secured several patents over the years. He brought panel building to a new level with his invention of the Plug & Power™ system in 2012.
The first production was set up in Sri Lanka in 1981. Since then we have expanded to factories in both India and Poland in order to cater to the ever-rising demand for high-tech, top-quality solutions.
We´re now 800 skilled professionals in the Elsteel family in 5 countries. We are proud to manufacture the world’s best technical solution at the best possible price!

In industries such as the food processing industry, where hygiene and cleanliness are paramount, equipment must withstand rigorous high pressure and high-temperature washing procedures.

In many industries where dust and dirt can be a problem, it is important to ensure that dust cannot enter the product case and cause it to malfunction. For the solution of this problem presenting IP69K.

What is IP69K:

IP69K is the IP code for a very high level of protection as specified in ISO 20653 Road vehicles Level of protection, Protection of electrical equipment against foreign objects, water, and accessibility.

There are a lot of features of IP69K, let’s discuss some of them in the following.

Elsteel is one of the few manufacturers around the world that can achieve a high entry-level rating and appropriate certification.

  1. AISI 304 & AISI 316 available
  2. IP69K Test Certified
  3. Alu zinc mounting plates
  4. Concealed hinges
  5. The door opens 120 degrees

After feature here is the list in the following where these kinds of devices are suitable.

  1. Food and beverage industries
  2. Marine Industry
  3. Medical and Pharmaceutical industries
  4. All offshore industries

Benefits of using IP69K enclosures:

In areas where heavy washing is required, such as in the food industry, contact with water, chemicals, extreme pressures, and temperatures can indicate the killing of electrical circuits and equipment. The IP69K standard provides full assurance that the piece of equipment that has been tested that the test is robust and contradictory and corresponds to the maximum protection level on the scale.

How can a product achieve an IP69K rating?

Products rated IP69K go through a series of rigorous tests to ensure they provide protection against high pressure and high-temperature water and dust ingress.

Final thoughts:

There are many industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and many others where cleanliness and hygiene are complementary parts. Equipment must withstand rigorous high-pressure and high-temperature washing procedures. To achieve these standards we must use IP69K enclosures. We hope this information will be beneficial for you, for more updates keep visiting our blog. Stay healthy stay safe!

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