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4 Things You Need To Know About No-Follow Links

by REX

SEO is a fascinating and inspiring field for Digital Marketers. Taking care of things like building authority of a website, making it visible, claiming positions on SERPs, and so on all fall under the term of “SEO.”

The most important thing for any SEO campaign is building backlinks for a website. Backlinks are essential for the visibility of any website, and it is a rule of thumb that a website with quality content and more backlinks always ranks higher.

When it comes to Link Building, there are two types of links: Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks. This article focuses on No-Follow Links and tells you five things you must know, so keep reading!

1.      What They Are

No-Follow links are backlinks for a website that don’t pass on authority for the website they point towards. These links tell the Search Engines that the website they’re mentioning should not get better rankings because of this specific backlink. No-Follow links are different from the Do-Follow links, which encourage Search Engines to increase the authority of a website. The tag of “rel=”nofollow” differentiates the No-Follow links.

2.      The Diversification Factor

The backlink portfolio of any website should be diverse, so it reflects the growth of a website over time. If you come across a website that only has Do-Follow links, you can pretty much guess on the spot that they are doing something wrong according to the SEO rules.

People will link to your website, and you won’t get a Do-Follow link – that’s what happens in real life. But a website that only has Do-Follow links scream out loud that their webmasters are not following the rules. Plus, all the backlinks you get from social shares and web directories are No-Follow links, so they only diversify your Link Building approach, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

3.      The Traffic Factor

What is your goal of doing SEO? Most people want to bring traffic to their website with their SEO efforts. You would be surprised to know that contrary to popular belief, the No-Follow backlinks bring chunks of the audience to your website. The No-Follow links you get from authoritative websites are opened by their audience, which means that you get credit and traffic from the No-Follow links people tend to hate.

4.      Staying Legal

Google is furiously worried about taking the rigging factor out of the world of SEO. They are focusing day by day on identifying and eliminating the bad actors. But in reality, no one knows if Google has complete control over it or not. Some think that Google can analyze your website and find it out if you have only bought Do-Follow links for your websites. If this is the case, then the presence of No-Follow links can save you from penalties.


No-Follow links are not as bad as people think they are. These links show your honesty, authority, and approach to Link Building. The No-Follow links you have on your website signal that you are doing things right away. Do some research and find both Do-Follow and No-Follow links, happy marketing!

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