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Honor True wireless earbuds Specifications

by Eric

It’s the 21st century and technology inventions are going higher and higher. The developers are trying to make it comfortable for users. Wireless items are touching the heights of success and getting popular worldwide. Lion’s share devices that we operate are wireless technology. Bluetooth technology is the most well-suited wireless technology that you can choose. My motive to tell you about wireless technology are that we can rely on them this invention is trustable.

If you are also got exhausted from you wired handsfree because for using them you have to take your phone in your pocket or hand and you can’t do any work freely, that is little annoying. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to very sublime Wireless Earbuds. Many Earbuds are available in the market but selecting the best is very hard. If you are also in a decision-making situation and you are unable to make a decision about what brand I should buy, then don’t worry I’m here to apprise you about the best Earbuds with no wire connection. So let’s begin!

Honor True Wireless Earbuds:

Honor true wireless earbuds are the most attractive and fully advanced features earbuds. The features and qualities of these earbuds are as follow;

Long Battery Life:

Battery timing is a very cardinal thing in wireless tools. These sublime earbuds have a very strong battery and you can use them incessantly for up to 24 hours. Wow isn’t it a very great thing, what do you think? You can play playback music on these earbuds for up to 6 hours incessantly and call for 4 hours. The charging case holds the three charges so it means more than 18 hours you can use them. It means earbuds with the charging case proffer you use them for 24 hours.

Superior Sound Quality:

You can get an advanced HD Drive system in these earbuds. It proffers you very clear deep bass. It contains a finely tuned 7 mm diaphragm that generates immensely high, clean deep bass, chiefly on full high and mid-volume tone. It means if you want to hear music on full high volume them it won’t hurt your ears it will give you very smooth, deep clear bass which will make your ears feel comfy. Read more about  Various Advantages of Honor Band 6.

Noise Cancellation Option:

Honor choice true wireless earbuds offer you to hear your call without the extra noise. It provides a Dual-mic noise cancellation option for your calls. The two earbuds incorporate a total of 4 microphones. This option is powered by Digital signal processing technology. It helps you to only listen to the caller not the noise around him. How impressive it is? I’m quite hopeful that you heard this thing the first time that you can only hear the caller’s voice without the extra noise.

Never Miss a Beat:

I’m telling you that your experience with these earbuds is going to be immense wow. It provides you with a more stable and quicker connection for a better listening experience. This fastest connecting technology is powered by Bluetooth 5.0 that can reduce latency to as low as 130ms*. So no matter you are playing games or watching videos you will hear a tremendously sublime sound.

Magnetic Charging Case:

You don’t need to worry about the charging connection of Honor Choice True Earbuds, because you will get a case that also keeps the earbuds safe as well as this case is a charger for the earbuds. A magnetic charger will charge your earbuds. This magnetic charger case holds 3 charges and once your earbuds get fully charged then you can use them for music for up to 6 hours and for calls up to 4 hours incessantly.

Touch Control, Split Type, IP54 Certified, and Perfect Fit:

These incredible Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds provide you with fully operating control of music and call-on earbuds. What you listen right on your fingertips because touch response sensors are present on both earbuds. It’s upon you if you want to use both earbuds at the same time or want to use single. Stay aware of your surroundings with Honor choice earbuds split-type design.

These earbuds are IP54 certified, which means light splashing or sweat will not hamper or hinder you from staying in the music zone. These earbuds are dust resistant. Honor choice true earbuds are designed with an ergonomic structure that fits your ear very perfectly.

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