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Honor mini speaker with many good features

by Eric

In this modern era of technology Bluetooth speakers, rank is going up and up and it took the listening music experience to the new excel level. You can mobile these speakers anywhere you desire. This phrase fits very well on Bluetooth speakers; “Small packet big blast”. It means this Bluetooth device is the new invention in music listening. In this article, you will know about the benefits and wow features of the best Honor Mini Speaker. This incredible speaker is the topmost well-featured Bluetooth portable speaker.

If you are also cogitating to purchase a Bluetooth portable speaker then you came to the right place. Here you will know about the incredible features and advantages of the Honor Mini Bluetooth portable speaker. After reading my article, you will definitely make you decide for purchasing an Honor portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s just a help for you for making decisions because various types of portable speakers are available in the market but picking up the right one is a hard task, but don’t worry we are here to help you. So let’s get started!

Honor Mini Speaker:

This speaker comes with various benefits and features. The features and benefits of this incredible Bluetooth speaker are as follow;

Sublime Bass System:

In Honor Mini speaker you will get a 3W full range that provides you a tremendous, thunderous bass. If you want the volume at a full high peak then don’t worry just rise the volume fully up this speaker will proffer you an independent radiator pump and deep base. It will not act like former speakers that at the high volume they start working as a low pixel picture. It gives you rich and vibrant bass output.

 Small size:

You can carry this sublime speaker in your pocket. Can you believe it? The weight of this marvelous speaker is less than 120g. You can also this speaker use as your bag showpiece. It comes with a sturdy strap for easy mobility.

Home Theater:

If you buy 2 speakers instead of one then you can make your home like a theater. Just connect your Mini Bluetooth speakers with your laptop and just see the magic. You can link it by just pressing a small built-in button present on the speaker. You can get stereo music sound from your tablet, phone, or laptop. Read more about Honor Magic 3 Specifications & price.

Call Answer:

This mini Bluetooth speaker is just like your wireless earbuds. Once you connect it then you can hear music as well as you can pick calls on it. This small speaker provides you with a vast number of benefactors. So, how does a person denies from buying it?

Long Battery Life:

Honor Mini Bluetooth speaker has a Lithium battery, which proffers you to play up to 4 hours of incessantly playback music. This big battery comes in a very small speaker.

Few Tested Standards of Honor Mini Speaker:

Like other Honor products Honor Mini Speaker also passed rigorous reliability tests. The test list is as follow;

  • USB plugging and unplugging = 2000 times
  • Cable Durability = load of 200 grams, bent 1,500 times
  • Button Durability = 5,000 press
  • Exterior Durability = Weight press 100 Kg, 10 seconds repetitions
  • Drop Test = Room temperature, dropped from 1 meter (must work normally afterward).

So if you want to purchase this Incredible Honor Mini Speaker then visit their website. This is the best Small speaker system available on the market. You can enjoy your trip as well as your home party.  So what are you waiting for just go and purchase your mini Bluetooth speaker “Small packet big blast”. You can use them during your working hours.

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