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Who is Kuldeep Gurjar? Details about Kuldeep Gurjar’s Politics

by Eric

Who is Kuldeep Gurjar?

Do you know who is Kuldeep Gurjar? Kuldeep Gurjar is the senior leader of the Congress party. Kuldeep Gurjar’s full name is Kuldeep Gurjar Ramgarh. He was recently appointed State Secretary of Congress Youth, Haryana as well as he is Senior Regional Leader. Kuldeep completely dedicates himself to supporting the election campaigns of fellow leaders to win the election. He is a hard-working member of the congress party for several years. Because of his sincerity, loyalty, and dedication he is now the State Secretary of Haryana Youth Congress. He has done many things for the congress, in 2019 he began a campaign called “Yova Chale Gaon Gaon”. His only motive for starting this campaign was to strengthen Congress and he wanted support from villagers.

Kuldeep Gurjar Politics:

In this blog, you will know more about Kuldeep Gurjar Politics. The hard worker Kuldeep Gurjar said “if you want to change the society, the change has to begin from you. It is most important that before reforming the society, you improve your thoughts and deeds, only then there will be real development of the society”.

It means if we change our thoughts and refine them then we can be successful. He is participating in politics just for the development of society. He always tries to encourage youth to be responsible citizens and do their part for the development of society as well as the country.

Kuldeep Gurjar's Politics

During talking about Indian culture and the growing influence of Westernisation, He said; “Avoid condemning others and reflect on your own faults. To protect the culture of India is showing more influence on the younger generation.”

In 2018, Kuldeep Gurjar took the politics of the Congress party to the people in the election campaign from village to village for Ashok Chandna Ji in the Rajasthan assembly election and also tried to strengthen the party.

In the Rajasthan election, he also supported the Dheeraj Gurjar campaign from the Bhilwara assembly seat and spread awareness about the weaknesses of the BJP government and the justice-oriented plans of the Congress party to the people.

In 2019, during Jind by-elections, Kuldeep support Dr.Ashok Tanwar’s campaign from door to door and village to village and demanded the public to give votes to Randeep Surjriwal. Kuldeep Gurjar strands with Congress leader Avtar Singh Bhadana in April 2019.

He has been associated with the Congress party for the three generations. Not only did Kuldeep work hard for Congress his father and grandfather also did very admirable things for the Congress party. And now Kuldeep is following his father and grandfather’s footsteps by giving his sublime performance for the Congress party.

Kuldeep Gurjar said; “Before changing the society it is necessary to change ourselves, before changing the world it is necessary to fix ourselves.” For more information please visit the official Facebook page of Kuldeep Gurjar.

Kuldeep Gurjar is following Mahatma Gandhi’s political dream. Taking forward Gandhiji’s dream; “Village development is the country development” The purpose of “Yova Chale Gaon Gaon” is actually Gandhi Ji’s strategy. In June 2019; Giving a brief about the progress of the campaign Kuldeep Gurjar said; “Till now the campaign has been implementing in more than 100 villages and is continuing to inspire the youth for rural development, due to which new enthusiasm and energy have been infused among the workers of the Congress party. They are not only participating in this campaign in the village but also contributing in the strengthening the Congress party at the grassroots level.”

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