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Here’s How to Build the Best In-House SEO Team

by Eric

The success of the search engine optimization campaign depends on the people running it. Therefore, it pays to have the best in-house SEO team. They will work together to guarantee results. It won’t be an easy process, but they will bring the company in the right direction. For small businesses that can’t afford to form an in-house SEO team, outsourcing is an option. For those who insist on pursuing a solid team, like the Jacksonville SEO companies, below are a few things to consider.

Experience is a must 

The first thing to look into is experience. Nothing beats a team composed of experienced advertisers. On day one, they already know what to do. They will also contribute to what the others have to offer. The lack of experience will leave them scrambling for solutions. People with years of experience in helping other small businesses in the past are ideal team members.

Advantages of having an internal SEO team 

To successfully accomplish SEO work, you need constantly have a thorough understanding of your brand.

Utilizing individuals that are intimately familiar with your brand improves your chances of maintaining consistency, which is important because conducting a campaign entails developing interesting content, social media updates, and maintaining ties with external websites.
You continue to be in control of everything.
While the majority of SEO companies work to obtain input and direction from their clients in addition to providing transparency, most also have tried-and-true tactics that aren’t readily changed.

Team players can help the efforts succeed 

Another quality to consider when hiring members of an SEO team ability to work as a team player. Search engine optimization efforts require an entire team to cooperate. Some of them have expertise in one area, while the others are experts in another. Despite that, the SEO efforts will only yield results if all of the members work closely.

After deciding to form an in-house SEO team, the next step is to ensure that the members are only the best in the industry. The business might have to pay more for the services, but it will be worth it. They already know what to do. Hiring newbies can be risky since they will struggle. They also need orientation and training before figuring things out, and it wastes time and resources. The SEO team should include the positions below.

  • SEO executive. The executive is the primary contact person for all search efforts. The focus is on creating the best strategy. There can be more than one executive in the team. They can meet to drive deliverables and guarantee results to the organization. Since executives are on top, they have to set the key performance indicators and determine which metrics to use. These people need to possess leadership skills and can handle a large group of SEO experts.
  • SEO manager. This person serves as a liaison between the executives and the other members of the team. It’s the responsibility of the manager to get things done. This person sets the specific goals based on the KPI provided by the executives. There should be a clear road map that outlines what needs to happen and when. A person who values relationships will excel in this post. Experts in Jacksonville SEO companies are reliable since all of them can work well with any business.
  • Technical lead. This person takes care of the overall technical aspects of running the website. The lead must consider the website’s usability and health. This person needs to monitor different issues and is responsible for understanding how Google’s algorithms work.
  • Content manager. Content is at the heart of search engine optimization, and the content manager is responsible for creating and managing the content. In most cases, there are several content managers and writers. It’s their responsibility to conduct keyword research and plan when to post the content. The content should be relevant to the topic and needs to have specific details. The goal is for the website to become an authority page. It improves brand reputation and helps increase ranking on search engines.
  • SEO analysts. They are in charge of analyzing data. They will collect the results and determine the trends and insights. From the gathered data, they can plan what to do next. They can also provide recommendations on how to boost the website. Analysts provide weekly reports to team members and other essential stakeholders.
  • Data scientists. These people are among the newest additions to the SEO team. It’s their responsibility to understand data and make predictions out of them. Recently, there are SEO teams composed mostly of data scientists. The entire direction of the SEO strategies depends on their predictions. The thing about search engine optimization is it’s always a risk. SEO team members determine which risks are worth doing. With the presence of the data scientist, the potential risks are reduced. It helps save time, money, and resources.
  • Product team member. This person might seem out of place in the group. Product experts deal with design and development. They have nothing to do with SEO practices. However, several companies are smart enough to include them in the team. The reason is that they know the products well. They also understand what the target audiences want. With their insights, the SEO team can create a better plan. They can also tell which products are doing well, and which ones deserve more online promotions.

Determining the cost

Forming the SEO team depends on how much the company can’t afford to spend. The size also depends on the budget. More established businesses can afford to use more money on SEO strategies. They can hire more people to do the job.

The good thing is small businesses don’t have to hire dozens of people to form the team immediately. It can start small, as long as only the best people are in the group.

SEO companies can help

For businesses that can’t afford to form an in-house SEO team, it’s not an issue. There are companies offering services to small businesses, depending on the required project. The Jacksonville SEO companies are among them. Regardless of the nature of the responsibility required from the SEO team, the agency has it. Asking for help from these experts is a wise use of resources. It’s better to ask them to do the job since their experts have the necessary resources and experience. SEO will always be challenging, and the right people joining the team will make the job easier. Set clear goals and find a way to achieve them.

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