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Google Celebrates Happy Holidays 2019! Season with Doodle

by Eric
Happy Holidays 2019!

The holiday season has arrived and Google is celebrating its arrival with new happy holidays 2019! doodle, continuing its long tradition of spreading joy at this time of year. Today, as the world celebrates Christmas, Google has updated its doodle search homepage, celebrating the annual festival season and Santa Claus embarking on his legendary gift-giving duty. In addition to the new Christmas-themed doodle, Google has also added a Share button that allows users to share holiday wishes with their friends and family.

Search engine giant Google has begun celebrating New Year’s Eve with the release of a new special doodle titled “Happy Holidays 2019!” adding a festive mood. The doodle depicts Christmas decorations around the Google logo. It can be seen in North America, South America, parts of Europe, Asia, and Australia. This is the third Google holiday-themed doodle to be released this week. The Christmas Eve Doodle on December 24 featured a bunch of burning candles, as well as cherry and cherry leaves, which symbolize the arrival of spring and the start of the holiday season.

 Google Happy Holidays 2019 festive doodle

Google introduced an awesome new pattern to spread the festive mood this Christmas. The world-famous search engine is known for creatively marking major world events with its doodles. They came up with a special Christmas pattern and, of course, won hearts with their creativity.

Santa Claus doodle

Doodle, launched on Tuesday, continued until Christmas. The search engine giant has welcomed the holiday season with its Happy Holidays 2019! doodle. On Christmas Day, Google’s alphabets turned into decorations with a garland of lights. A day earlier, an animated doodle depicted Santa Claus and his reindeer on a sleigh traveling the world.

Burning candles doodle

On Monday, the tech giant released its first annual holiday doodle. The first illustration showed a bunch of burning candles along with cherry and cherry leaves, symbolizing the arrival of spring and the start of the holiday season. On its website, Google wrote: “Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, this is the season to enjoy the festive festivities at the most beautiful time of the year!” Read more about MissQGemini.

Snowman doodle

On Sunday, the tech company celebrated the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, with an adorable Happy Holidays 2019! snowman doodle. The utterance “solstice” comes from the Latin solstitium, sense “the sun stands still” when the “group of the solar path” stops temporarily. The solstice happens because the Earth is skewed about 23.5 degrees approximately its axis of turning round, and this slope reasons each hemisphere to accept a dissimilar quantity of sunlight all through the year.

The frost solstice, also identified as midwinter, arises when one of the Earth’s poles is skewed at its utmost from the Sun. Thanks to this; the Earth has the shortest day and longest night of the year. According to Google, this year’s winter starts on December 22nd and lasts until March 20, 2020. This occurs two times a year, once in each hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere, it is the December solstice, and in the southern hemisphere, it is called the June solstice.

Additional holidays this year quality evenly happy moving picture view such as happy holidays 2019! which illustrates a tree in the procedure of being decorated. Likewise, a Google search for “Kwanzaa 2019” gives you an animation of a family surrounding a kinara. Meanwhile, Festivals, an alternative, not-so-happy holiday celebrated on Monday, got the same treatment in 2019 as it did for the past six years, with the seasonal pole of Festivals that spans the entire search results page.

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