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How to Find a Credible Source for Writing an Essay on a Health Care Topic

by Eric

Finding a source of literature for writing an essay is not a problem. You can quite easily find the original works related to health care thanks to the Internet. However, unreliable sources are just as easy to find. Do you feel the difference? In this article, we will tell you what sources can be used in an essay, what types of them exist, and how to find a credible list of sources.

Literature requirements for an essay

Searching for literature for writing a book review essay, for example, is not that difficult because the primary source is the book itself. However, if you are writing a health care paper, it will turn out to be not an easy task. After all, students always have a question: how do you determine how credible the sources are that can be found on the Internet or in the library? It is undignified to use in an essay what is actually fiction or dubious conclusions of a person who has absolutely no weight in the scientific health care field. Therefore, it is always important to verify not only the authenticity of the quote but also the professional reputation of the author.

How can you verify the authenticity of a quote? There are two ways. The first is to go to the library and find the exact source. The second is to type a quote into Google in quotes. For example: “COVID-19 symptoms”. The search engine will return results for this particular phrase.

It is worth remembering that certain requirements are imposed on literary sources:

  1. Use as many sources as possible. Universities often set a minimum number of used sources for different types of papers. Check the requirements to use enough sources for writing your essay.
  2. Choose modern monographs and popular scientific sources: literature should be no older than five years.
  3. Make a selection of only the literature that corresponds to the topic of the essay.
  4. Consider different types of sources for writing an essay: thematic monographs, encyclopedias, scientific articles, journals, and electronic sites. Textbooks and tutorials can be used but not as primary sources.
  5. Always check how reliable and scientific the literary sources are.

So, how do you learn to discard detritus, false facts, and speculation and be able to find credible sources of literature for writing an essay? Read on to find out how to search for such literature.

Why is it important to find the right list of literature on a topic?

On the question of where to look for literature, there was always one answer – in the library or in the bookstore. However, now the search for literature for writing an essay is also carried out online. You can find almost any source on the Internet.

Sites, where students can search for literature, are relevant. Due to the lack of money and time, they cannot buy the book they need for their studies. At the same time, students often need to write essays. It is important to be able to successfully search for a list of used literature, which will allow you to do the assignment perfectly.

Where to find a list of literature on health care topics

So, let’s find out where can you find a list of credible literature:

  • Go to the university library.
  • Ask your teacher to select a list of literature on the topic.
  • Study monographs on the topic, as well as lists of used literature.
  • Search for scientific papers and articles in proven Internet resources: for example, in scientific electronic libraries like NLM, ScienceDirect, and others.

Methods for assessing the credibility of a source

How to find the right literature? To do this, you will have to learn how to determine the credibility of information, which can be easily used not only in everyday life but also for writing an essay.

There are two main methods for this:

  • Evaluating sources for scientific works. Learn about the author’s reputation. Skip articles that were published at the expense of the author, not the publisher. Check alternative opinions.
  • Evaluating sources for everyday life. Determine the professionalism of the source. Find out the name of the author of the publication. Determine the publication date of the article or publication. Consider the objectivity of the data.

It is only at first glance that the process of determining the reliability of the source seems complicated and time-consuming. In fact, with just a little practice, you will begin to notice direct and indirect signs, and you will definitely understand how to find the right bibliography. As a result, your essay will be perfect – we believe in it!


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