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Hiring A Quality Waterproofing Company for The Quality Experience

by Eric

There is nothing more aggravating than coming home to a flooded basement – but what’s more challenging is finding the perfect waterproofing company to cater to your needs. Whether you are looking for a long-term fix because of the capricious weather or you just wish to live by the ‘better safe than sorry’ quote, we have got your back! If you have found this article, you are already on the right track. Let’s take a look at all the different methods utilized by waterproofing companies to give you the best waterproofing experience possible.

Where Does the Company Lie in Terms of Being Insured, Bonded, or Licensed?

When it comes to selecting the finest waterproofing company, one needs to keep this crucial factor in mind. For the type of labor that is exclusive to basement waterproofing companies, they may need to acquire the local building’s permission before doing anything.

Similarly, if you do not wish to stir up any unnecessary trouble with the local authorities, these things are important to go through when looking for a waterproofing company. Moreover, they said companies should also be bonded – Why do you ask? So that you do not have to carry the burden of any pointless costs in case of any mishaps by the company. Likewise, the workers’ insurance should also be covered by the company itself.

2.   Proficient in What They Do

This goes without saying, but, like any other profession, the company must be highly proficient and professional in its work. The members of their staff should be properly schooled with all the correct knowledge and well equipped with supplies in regards to waterproofing. The upside about hiring qualified companies knows you can be carefree and let them do their thing!

3.   Foundation and Reliability

If you browse online, you can find just about any waterproofing company without breaking a sweat. However, you will need to keep in mind the groundwork needed by the company to complete their work. Many companies aren’t too keen on hiring hardworking staff, and they may also not have the best tools and equipment when it comes to waterproofing. In such a case, you do not need to opt for such a laid-back company. To ensure reliability and the best work ethic, you need to hire a company that can carry the weight of the job; this will give you a quality experience.

4.   Operationality

Hiring a company that has not been open for business in ages is surely not the best option, especially if you are looking for a permanent fix. A company with less than 6 months’ worth of experience is not well equipped for your job. Consequently, look for the right company that has been in business for a decent amount of time. Also, make sure to ask if they have a set office or look for additional references as this can be an excellent pointer of whether a company is successful in what they do. Read more How to protect your house siding from water damages?

5.   Reviews Online Are Your Best Friend

To save yourself from the disappointment of a bad experience, do not be afraid to take a quick look at the online reviews left by other consumers. This might be the most useful in helping you decide the most qualified company for your job. You will be able to easily pick out any company acting with a reliable façade.

6.   Choosing A Reliable Waterproofing Contractor

Picking the right contractor should not be done hastily as it is not only important but can also be an expensive process; so, it is best done once and carefully. You might even find yourself in a pickle because of the wide array of contractors claiming to provide you with top-quality facilities. Hence why you need to take into account all the following factors. First off, if the contractor offers you an array of wet basement solutions, they may bid you a waterproofing technique that is not so costly. This can easily work in your favor. Check out this Maryland based company that can help you for sure.

Additionally, you must also ask the contractor if they are recommending proprietary solutions since a company like this will only offer limited options. You might end up dropping extra cash on a mending method that doesn’t align with your problem. Another thing is their experience; this is due to the fact that if they have been working a considerably decent amount of time, they will offer you the best experience.

7.   Saving Time and Money

Many will look for quick fixes and hire a plumber; however, this will cause more problems. Most plumbers only fix sump dump issues, whereas a waterproofer will point out all the possible issues within your sump dump system. They will quickly get to work and stop any more mishaps to prevent your basement from flooding or any future problems. Since waterproofing experts are quite knowledgeable about sump dumps and other similar parts of your waterproofing system, they will be able to provide a fast and efficient service, saving you not only time but also money.

8.   A Fluid Waterproofing Coating

A lot of companies utilize this particular method of making your house foolproof of any water when it comes to waterproofing. This technique involves putting an initial coat and then two additional topcoats. The application of these coatings can be made by a spray, a roller, or a trowel. This liquid coating tolerates more mobility in comparison with the cementitious types of coating. The liquid then settles into the rubbery layer on the wall. The resilience of this kind of waterproofing system is quite high depending on the kind of polymer being utilized by the manufacturer. Always make sure to ask your contractor if they offer a liquid waterproofing coating.

9.   Bituminous Waterproofing Layer

This is a very widespread method of making sure that low-sloped roofs are resilient to water throughout all seasons. The exposed coating of this type of method is weather-resistant as well as tear-resistant. Ask your contractor if they will apply another protective layer to prevent the tearing of the material.


All in all, trying to decide on a qualified waterproofing company should not be an extreme sport because you deserve the best experience at all times. Your home is your place of comfort, and you should not have to stay up all night worrying about the next leak. Sit back, relax and take your time when looking into the company of your dreams because at the end of the day, a job not well done is a job undone.

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