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Which magnet should you choose?

by REX

Now that you’ve decided to order custom magnets for your business or personal event, you need to choose a style, shape, and design to convey your message. We’ll then take your design and print it on site before shipping your order right to your doorstep.

Whether you need promotional magnets to remind customers of your services and contact information, personalized magnets for your wedding, or framed photo magnets to give to family and friends, we’ve got you covered. With an extensive collection of shapes, designs and colors, there is something for everyone in our assortment.

All of our magnets are made from durable high quality materials that are designed for office, home or even vehicle use. Our unique styles include:

Car Magnets: Our special car magnets are designed to attach to the metal side of all cars and vehicles. Similar to a bumper sticker, you can use a magnet on your car to draw attention to a cause you believe in, promote your business, or advertise your services or contact information to a local audience.

Business Card Magnets: Instead of taking business cards to your next networking or business event, why not stand out from the crowd and use magnets with your data instead? Instead of being stuffed into someone’s wallet or bag, you’ll get a more visible spot on the fridge or filing cabinet, allowing for re-works from multiple brand impressions.

Dry Erase Magnets: Dry Erase Magnets are highly functional home and office tools that double your likelihood of being used and increase your brand awareness. Replace your memos or to-do lists with these erasable alternatives, or put them in gift bags at your next promotion and you’re sure to impress. There is enough room for your company logo and with such a handy home or office tool, your brand is sure to get noticed.

Information Magnets: Want to draw your audience’s attention to the details of your charity or a cause you think people should fight for? Our heart attack signs and symptoms magnets are a prime example of what you can do with full color printing and the type of information you can share from a small platform. These magnets are ideal for elderly relatives, nursing homes or healthcare facilities where many may see them.

New Shaped Magnets: If you want to attract the attention of a specific audience, our new shapes are the perfect choice for you. Choose your favorite from our collection of teddy bears, wine bottles, sneakers, basketballs, tennis balls, glasses, cows, apples and more. All of our new products have plenty of space for your message or logo to be printed and are available in different sizes depending on the type.

Calendar Magnets: Our 12 month calendar magnets are versatile. Plus, you have a high quality branded calendar that you can gift your customers, but it can also be used as a refrigerator magnet for their home or office, giving you even more brand awareness. Regular calendars are useful, but calendars that can be used like magnets are incredibly functional. Do your best for your customers and give them a branded product that they can use all year round.

Materials and thickness

Our custom magnets are made from high quality paper, metal and plastic and we use 100% recyclable materials whenever possible. We also offer different thicknesses on many of our magnets to support different weights such as 20ml or 30ml. The size of our products varies from magnet to magnet, but is usually 2 to 5.5 inches.

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