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Why everyone is talking about Bonchon chicken

by Eric

While chicken is the favorite go-to for every meat lover, bonchon chicken is a lot more than just chicken. Bonchon is a South Korean franchise that means “hometown”. It first opened in 2002 in Busan, South Korea. Their headquarters in the US are now located in New York and all their staff is trained there.

What makes bonchon chicken so special?

Like every food, this chicken has a special recipe as well. Unlike other restaurants, this fast-food chain informs you what makes their chicken so special and so delicious. Read more about Best Catering services near me.


One of the main reasons why people eat fried chicken is it’s crisp. Bonchon chicken has been fried to offer the maximum crispy skin that enables you to feel the crunch on every bite. While there are different ways to add the crisp to chicken, bonchon uses its special batter.


Every single piece at bochon is hand-battered to make the flavor stay in the chicken pieces. A thin layer of flour and some secret ingredients is applied to get to the perfect chicken to batter ratio. They are prepared fresh in the chicken every day before they are fried.

Double fry:

You must have heard of fried chicken, but double-fried chicken is often a new term for people. This company friend the chicken once before to lock all the juices of chicken in. It is then fried again to get to the signature taste that is full of crisp and tasty.

Hand brushed chicken:

While a lot of companies use machines to brush their products once they have been made, bonchon makes sure that every piece gets enough time from the chef and he is hand brushing the chicken itself. This way, there is no place on your chicken with a lot of extra dripping sauce while it is still enough to get the taste that you want.


Since the company is trying to serve the taste of Korea to people around the world, the sauce is Korean as well. It is made with special care and has all the flavor soaked in. The delicious sauce is not prepared everywhere but only in the global kitchen in South Korea. It is then transported to every franchisee so they can use it on their chicken.


Bonchon is a food franchise that is based on fried chicken but is not limited to it. It offers a vast menu full of different dishes like tacos, popcorn shrimps, etc. It has multiple starters, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts to help you feed your hunger and make those cravings go away after eating all that you can.

The most special item on the menu is of course their fried chicken. They offer different parts of chicken in different sizes. You can get wings, drumsticks, or strips. There is an option to get the combi as well with different sauces to choose from. The different order sizes help you decide what will be filling you up today.  Except for the chicken bonchon menu have more items to eat.

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