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A Review On the Pristine Waters in Komodo pink Beach

by Eric

Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that sits right in the heart of Komodo Island. The park is renowned for the Komodo Dragon, the world’s biggest lizard, which is a native of Komodo National Park hence its name. But that isn’t the only reason why visitors assemble in this splendid park and island. The Komodo beach has for long been an attraction because of its pink sands. Similar to other pink beaches, the sand draws its pink hue from broken shells and red coral.

In fact, the red coral is why the locals call refer to the coastline as Pantai Merah, which translates to the red beach in English. The calcium carbonate and broken shells are left behind by tiny oceanic creatures known as foraminifera.

The shattered remains then combine with the white sand to yield an exceptional cotton-candy colored coastline. Let’s look at where the pink beach is situated, some interesting facts about the pink beach, and if the trip to Komodo Island is worth all the hype.

Is The Pink Beach in Komodo Island Really That Pink?

This is a valid concern you should have because with photo filters becoming better and better, you shouldn’t always trust what you see on social media. Instagram posts will make out anything to be better than it actually is.

But as it turns out, the pink beach in Labuan Bajo, which is inside Komodo National Park, is really pink. Of course, as a tourist, this is what you hope for so that you can take magnificent photos and share them with family and friends. Who doesn’t want to have drone footage of themselves relaxing or playing around on a pink beach? Read more about Top 5 Trending White Swimsuit Designs.

Where Is the Komodo Pink Beach?

The Pink Beach is situated on the Northeastern section of Komodo Island. However, you can only gain access to the beach using a boat via the adjacent town of Labuan Bajo.

Due to the secluded location of the beach and the non-existent surrounding infrastructure, the pink beach is sightseen as part of an excursion to Komodo Island or a liveaboard cruise from the town of Labuan Bajo.

When you search the Pink Beach in Komodo Island, you might get confused because the beach goes by various names such as Komodo Pink Beach, Labuan Bajo Pink Beach, or the Pink Beach of Flores Island. However, all these names refer to the same beach.

Unfortunately, the Pink Beach in Komodo has become a victim of its popularity because tourists overly pollute it. So when you do visit the Pink Beach in Komodo, be conscious of the marine ecosystem and avoid littering.

Some Interesting Facts About Komodo Island

You might be shocked to find out that there are several pink beaches in Komodo National Park. As a matter of fact, one of the most prominent coastlines on the Island, Long Beach, also has a perpetual light pink hue.

However, the beach that has been conferred the title “Komodo Pink Beach” is the beach at the tip of the northeastern side of the park. The color of the water on this beach is a marvel. The way the turquoise waters contrast the beach’s pink hue might have you launching a drone in case you have one to take some incredible footage and pictures.

The marvel doesn’t end there; the Pink Beach is more vivid when you are underwater. Komodo Island has many incredible diving spots but slowly by slowly, a majority of tourists are starting to realize that the external reef slope of this pink coastline is just as good if not better.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, when planning a trip to Komodo Island, you include a significant surplus in your budget. Although the park entry fees aren’t that high, there is so much to do and see; you might find yourself extending your stay on Komodo Island.

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