9 reasons why Karjat is a great place to head for a vacation
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9 reasons why Karjat is a great place to head for a vacation

by Eric

Karjat is a tiny beautiful hill station situated near Mumbai. The city is very popular among tourists for its pristine natural beauty and lush green landscapes. Karjat is a hilly town that has numerous caves, beautiful lush green valleys, and some enticing temples. This town is just 2 hours away from Mumbai and is an incredible getaway for stressed-out people and adventure seekers. The place is also a go-to destination for hikers and Hindu pilgrims as it contains many imposing and ancient temples. During the monsoons, the entire town looks very beautiful, lively, and heavenly. Many famous Indian personalities have a farmhouse here.  People, especially from the nearby cities of Mumbai and Pune go here on weekends. We look at 9 reasons why Karjat is a great vacation destination.

It is the ideal weekend getaway… just on the outskirts of the city:

Karjat has located about 70 km from Mumbai and can be easily accessed by rail. It is an important station along Mumbai’s suburban railway line and road. It takes two hours to reach Karjat by rail and road, making it one of the closest getaways from Mumbai. Despite the recent growth in construction in Karjat, the town still retains much of its rustic beauty and charm. As soon as you get down the train, you will be welcomed by lush greenery, putting you in vacation mode immediately.

It has so many trekking routes you’ll wonder which one to choose!

From Karjat you can start trekking to three important trekking destinations- Chanderi Fort Trek, Matheran Trek via Rambagh Point, and Peth Fort Trek. These trekking trails come alive in the monsoon season. The pleasant weather and the slight drizzle only add to the charm of the treks which is further enhanced by the pleasant climate and slight drizzle which makes it so romantic.

It offers river rafting opportunities:

In recent years, river rafting has emerged as one of the most popular adventure sports in India. While there are many places in India that offer good river rafting opportunities, Karjat is also one of them. Karjat provides good options for river rafting, more so if you are an amateur. It is home to caves that date back to the first century BC!!

Kondana caves:

Kondana Caves are a major tourist attraction in Karjat, despite suffering damage in 1900 due to an earthquake. These ancient Buddhist caves are located in the Kondivade village, which is about 6-8 km from Karjat. A short trek takes you to these caves. Located on the hills, surrounded by lush green nature and a mesmerizing waterfall nearby, this incredible cave is a prime tourist spot. Constructed in the Hinayana Buddhist tradition, these stone-cut Buddhist caves is an amalgamation of 16 caves that have some intricately carved sculptures and have a prayer hall and a place to stay for the monks.  Known for its extraordinary beauty and adventurous trek, it leaves visitors amazed with its marvels. If you want to get your hands on ancient history you must visit Kondana Caves. You may take up almost an entire day to go to the cave and come back but it makes a great family outing.

It has resorts/farmhouses for every budget:

resorts in karjat grew in number as the market value of Karjat as a tourist spot grew. You will find a number of high-end resorts in karjat and farmhouses, close to nature, offering opulent services and top-rated amenities. There are also budgeted resorts for those who have a limited budget. Thus Karjat offers accommodation to all types of travelers, irrespective of their budget.

 Camping At Ulhas Valley:

Ulhas valley has an abundance of natural beauty. This lovely valley often remains thronged with tourists from all parts of the world. River Ulhas flows through the place and hence the name Ulhas valley. The perfect landscape of the place offers you numerous adventure activities. The valley has a huge variety of flora and fauna. The best time to visit the valley is during the monsoon as you can see tiny brooks meandering through the valley. The valley is incredibly green and encompasses exceptionally lovely waterfalls and wonderful water streams amidst lush green nature, offering a treat to the weary hearts and minds.  The place also has some fascinating camping sites directly in the middle of nature for travelers to take part in camping. Camping here gives you the chance to soak in nature’s captivating serenity this place offers.

 Kondeshwar Temple:

Situated near the riverfront, this is a monumental ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is very popular among tourists for its serene vibes and very pleasant location. The gorgeous temple is situated in the heart of the Sahyadri mountain ranges. Its location in the midst of green hills is a treat to the heart and soul. It’s worth seeing the old Hemadpanthi style f structure that this temple is built in. there is a waterfall near the temple which is almost always full of tourists who come here for a picnic. The water stream has plenty of fishes and people love putting their feet in the water and get a fish spa done. There is also a lake called Kondeshwar Lake near the temple. Here tourists enjoy swimming and enjoying a picnic.

Hiking to Sondai Fort:

Sandai fort is 12 km from the Karjat railway station. sondai trek offers a breath-taking trekking experience in the midst of beautiful lush green nature. The total time is taken to climb the Sondai fort from the base village Sondewadi is approximately 2 hours. It’s not difficult to trek and even beginners can do it without any major difficulties. While trekking you can witness some great natural attractions – including a wonderful view of the Changewadi waterfall. The place and the trail are simply spectacular during the Rainy season.

Road Trip At Bhor Ghat:

Roads at Bhor Ghat are incredibly joyful and full of stunning natural beauty. The driving and road trip experience here is truly magnificent and enjoyable. Surrounded by lush green meadows and located in a picturesque setting, this is a beautiful location to spend time at. Karjat is thus a great destination for all those who are looking to get a break from their daily monotonous city life.

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