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4 Fun Holiday Party Ideas and Advice

by Eric

Holiday parties are the perfect way to bring people together and get the holiday spirit running like Rudolph! Whether it’s a company party or a personal shindig with your closest family and friends, you’ll want to plan a gathering that’s filled with festive fun for everyone. But which theme will you choose and what activities are best for spreading Christmas cheer? Check out these fun holiday party ideas and some advice on how best to pull them off:

1. Holiday Trivia Game Show

Your party will be at the top of your guests’ priority list when you host a holiday trivia game show like Family Feud or Jeopardy! Invite as many guests as possible that will comfortably fit in your designated party space and group them into teams for the game. You could add budget-friendly prizes for the winners such as a nice bottle of Moscato, a cheese tray, or a spa wrap for the ladies. Don’t forget to offer your guests holiday treats that coincide with some of your trivia topics. For example, gingerbread cookies are considered one of the most popular holiday cookies of all time. Before the game starts, drop a few hints about possible trivia questions and pass the cookies. Google Celebrates Happy Holidays 2019!

2. Christmas Card Swap

Share the joy of sending Christmas cards to faraway friends and family by inviting your guests to a budget-friendly card swap party. Have your guests bring a couple of boxes of their favorite holiday cards — and their favorite finger food — to share with others. As the party unfolds, arrange the cards in stacks where each guest can choose different themes for their Christmas card list. Make sure to include photo Christmas cards with picture holders in a variety of styles from which to choose. You’ll find an array of bright ribbon themes, emerald green holly art, and custom cards that you can design beforehand. Finally, let everyone know to mail their cards early for guaranteed holiday arrival.

3. Holiday Happy Hour

Looking for a party option that doesn’t last all evening? Celebrate yuletide cheer with a holiday happy hour. Stock the bar with samplings of wine, beer, and cocktails. Of course, keep the food menu light and delicious with smoked sausage, a variety of cheese, salty snacks, and gourmet chocolate for everyone’s sweet tooth. You could also consider having a wine or gourmet beer gift exchange; just remember to include non-alcoholic options for guests who don’t drink. Raise your glasses and say a toast. Cheers!

4. Christmas Around the World

Plan this holiday-themed party with popular holiday foods from around the world. Cultures around the globe usually have a dish that sets them apart during the holiday season. For example, a Latin cuisine would include tamales, whereas a German Christmas dinner would almost always include a dish of red cabbage. Get your guests involved by having them pick a country to represent and prepare that country’s most popular Christmas dish. Make it a costume party by having guests dress in their selected country’s typical Christmas fashion. Then make sure to share your travel memories abroad during an evening of interesting and merry conversation. Great Gatsby costumes men and women are all you need to flaunt at any carousel.

Have a Merry Good Time

No matter what you decide, you can spread Christmas cheer and good tidings with any of these party ideas and host a bash that will create lasting memories for you and your loved ones. Consider which parties are low-key compared to more festive events and save money on gift exchanges by drawing names or setting a gift budget.

The most important thing to consider when planning your holiday party should center around creating a joyous atmosphere. You may forget what food was served or which games you played, but you’ll never forget the merry good time had by all!

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