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who invented walking? A quick answer and theories

by Eric

Different theories about the invention of walking:

  • It is very difficult to guess who invented walking. Many scientists offer their research on this. This is a very interesting topic for all scientists because walking on two legs is one of the main characteristics of human beings, so we all must be familiar with this fact. No one knows when the walking started, because no present man existed at that time. No change in life happens immediately, rather it takes millions of years. But by researching the skeletons of the primitive organisms, we can assume which type of movement was supported by different types of skeletons. So many scientists give various hypotheses on the invention of walking by researching the skeletal structures of primitive organisms. Some of the most suitable hypotheses are as follows:
  • Ardipithecus ramidus found some fossils of humans in Ethiopia, which was 4.2 to 4.4 million years old. When research is made on these fossils, it was shown that these fossils have some features that are present in modern humans specialized for walking on two legs. These features were not seen in the primitive monkeys that were usually walk on four legs. Yes, but its structure was slightly different from the structure of modern human legs because the structure has been modified with the passage of time. But here the same question still present that who invented walking.
  • After some time, some other fossils are found in Tanzania. It is often the case that whenever a natural disaster strikes, many things or organisms are lost because of it, and their remains are buried under the soil. Some remains in Tanzania were found which were buried under the ashes of the volcano. After research, it was found that these fossils were 3.6 million. Read more about How I can find Cemeteries Near me?
  • The scientist prepares a model by setting the bones, they have found, then they observe how the legs are fixed under the bones of the pelvic girdle, and how their pattern is related to the pattern of bones present in the modern human. By researching on all these objects, they conclude that the skeletal structure of the fossils is satisfied for straightforward walking on two legs, but those fossils were less modified than that of the present ones. But it was proved that bipedalism was the common characteristic of that fossils. So they conclude that walking had been started 3 to 4 million years ago.

Primitive organisms which are considered as earlier bipedalers:

Who invented walking is such a question that still has no proper answers. Here we will discuss some extinct organisms that are considered to be able to walk straightly on two feet.

  • Australopithecus afarensis:

The scientist prepare a model of this organism in 1974, whose fossils were found earlier. Its anatomy is similar to that of modern humans.

  • Homo erectus:

This organism also has a close resemblance to modern humans. It had a large brain and specialized structures played a key role in walking.

And there were many creatures that had the ability to walk on two legs. Many models are placed in different museums, that have features of walking.

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