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What You Need to File a Paraquat Lawsuit

by Eric

Over the years we have developed many different methods to improve the growth of our crops and to eliminate weeds. One such way that has been practiced for many years is the use of herbicides. Herbicides kill weeds and allow the plants that we want to grow to flourish without competition. However, some herbicides, such as Paraquat, pose risks to the people who use them. There is mounting evidence of the dangerous nature of Paraquat, and its link to the development of Parkinson’s Disease is becoming clearer every day.

If you’ve developed Parkinson’s Disease as a result of Paraquat exposure, a Paraquat lawyer can help you receive all of the money to which you are due. Read more about the Best kratom for anxiety.

Paraquat and Parkinson’s Disease:

Paraquat contains a chemical compound known as MPTP, which is a contaminant found in heroin. Further, MPTP is used by researchers who study Parkinson’s Disease, as it can reliably cause the symptoms of PD when it is introduced to lab animals.

Parkinson’s Disease is characterized by 4 “cardinal signs”. These include tremors, slow movement, rigid muscles, and instability. These signs are also being seen in those who have been exposed to Paraquat.

Other Issues Associated with Paraquat Exposure:

While Parkinsonian symptoms are generally considered to be the main side effect of Paraquat exposure, there are other potential risks as well.

One such potential issue is birth defects, which have been correlated with herbicide. While this research is still ongoing, it appears that Paraquat may be associated with some common and devastating developmental issues.

Additionally, certain cancers have been linked to Paraquat. Again, this is research that needs further investigation but just adds to the mountain of evidence suggesting that Paraquat is unsafe for human contact.

Who May Be Affected by Paraquat?

Those who work directly with the herbicide are obviously at high risk. These include farmers, groundskeepers, and others in similar occupations. However, these individuals are required to follow EPA-approved practices when handling the substance, so they minimize harmful interaction with Paraquat.

Unfortunately, Paraquat can negatively affect those who live near facilities that use Paraquat. These individuals, such as people living near farms, children attending school near these facilities, etc. can all be exposed through two common phenomena:

  1. Pesticide Drift: Pesticide (or herbicide) drift is a natural occurrence. This happens when someone who is applying the substance sprays the appropriate amount in a given area, but the wind spreads it far and wide to nearby communities and homes.
  2. Overspray: On the other hand, overspray is due to human error. This occurs when the person applying the Paraquat sprays too much of the substance in a given area, allowing it to spread farther than intended.

What You Should Do If You Believe You Qualify for a Paraquat Lawsuit:

If you believe you’ve been exposed to Paraquat and developed Parkinson’s Disease, as a result, reach out to a lawyer and file a Paraquat lawsuit today. These cases are tricky to navigate, and having an experienced lawyer on your side will make the process much easier.

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