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50 Shades of Green: Intersting facts

by Eric

Green is always the hero on the Grounds, in my opinion as a stylist, and in the colors that our creative team returns to time and time again. And a quick stroll through our Garden reveals why this color has become linked with The Grounds more than any other 50 shades of green.

Green is a huge component of our brand, as well as being abundant in all of the living creatures that populate our The Grounds of Alexandria location. Among the personnel, we even refer to the original and official branding green as “Grounds Green” (no doubt with its own Pantone swatch number). But, let’s face it, there are so many different hues of green here at The Grounds that it’s impossible to choose just one. Here’s a green story for you to enjoy. Our takeaway coffee cups were a considerably gentler shade of green in 2014, when The Grounds was just a few years old than they are now.

So here we were, revamping the takeaway cups – not changing the colors, but simply purchasing new designs. The wrong green was stated somewhere in the mix, and I remember thinking it was a big concern at the time. Our entire team was upset because the color of the grass had changed, and it appeared like the planet was collapsing around us 50 shades of green.


It’s what fueled our original concept, which converted the parking lot into the lively oasis it is today. The myriad colors of 50 shades of green¬†found in nature contribute to what we believe The Grounds is all about. Our foundation is founded on recollections of farms, gardens, and wonderful outdoor surroundings.


We like to think of ourselves as a creative group who are constantly trying new things, building, developing, and creating new things. And when you’re continuously pushing the creative envelope and trying things no one else has, you need a color that gives you permission to go forward. Green indicates that it is time to go!


Everything we do is geared toward making our guests feel at ease. And this is the ideal color to assist you in doing so. It’s no coincidence that television shows feature waiting rooms for their visitors in 50 shades of green. It has more comfort layers than an expensive mattress and exudes peaceful, tranquil vibes. While blue might make you feel melancholy (and fatigued), and red can make you feel anxious or irritated, green can’t help but calm you down. Read more about Tree Removal Service Near Me.


You may always replace some of the pots with seasonal plants for the holidays to keep your vertical garden fresh and quirky. The honeycomb pot system’s appeal is that the pots can be readily swapped out and stored in 50 shades of green. Anything is possible with a few extra pots on hand.

Your vertical garden’s honeycomb pots fit together like pixels, offering the ideal canvas for live artwork. The honeycomb design prevents any unattractive gaps between posts, ensuring that your green wall is a work of art from the beginning.

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