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What Is Torrenting And How Does It Work: An Explanatory Guide

by Eric

If you have been using the internet before the movie streaming sites came into play, you probably know what torrent is. It is a P2P file-sharing platform, which lets people download movies, music, games, etc. In this article, we’ll guide you about what is torrenting?

The Pirate Bay is one site that uses P2P network sharing technology, and it is a BitTorrent client too. Although some countries have banned this site, you can browse free movies from it as long as you use a VPN. Check https://ipiratebay.org/ to know more.

What Is Torrenting?

Torrenting refers to a file that is shared across a peer-to-peer technology and a decentralized network. It means, when you use Torrent, you can share files over a server without uploading them.

Therefore, torrenting means the metadata or file name extension that tells trackers where to get Torrent files. It also indicates the programs that coordinate the transfer of Torrents. All you have to do is check the seeders and leechers, and you are all set to download the file.

How Does Torrenting Work?

There is no centralized server used on Torrent to store the files. Instead, it stores bits of information in large files and saves them in participating computers over a network. Then, it uses a P2P network sharing technology like BitTorrent to break down the file into pieces and move them from uploaders to downloaders.

  • In a nutshell, a torrent file indicates those computers to users that are part of the file-sharing process.
  • The torrent client connects to a tracker holding the device’s IP address downloading the file.
  • Once the torrent client starts downloading the file and receives sufficient bits of information, it uploads the file to benefit the users.

What Are Good Uses Of Torrents?

The act of downloading files over Torrent is not illegal. It is only unlawful to upload copyrighted material on this platform, which happens in most cases. But, there are some good uses of Torrent as well.

Although torrent is a hub for pirated videos and copyright violation instances, it is also a valuable platform to share a large chunk of files and share files that aren’t protected by copyright laws.

You can also integrate a torrent client into a game to deploy software updates. You may find some government agencies who use torrents to share large files with the public that otherwise puts strain on their servers. Read more about What is the torrent file downloading procedure?

Are Torrent Files Safe?

Most torrents are safe to download, but that is only the case if you know where the file is from. Many malicious actors are present on the web trying to manipulate torrent metadata, which, as a result, corrupts the corresponding file, thereby making it useless.

Although torrent files are safe to download, most files on this site are malware-laced, and a naked eye cannot differentiate between a safe and corrupted file. Furthermore, the corrupted files are also linked to pirated movies and TV show episodes.

All you can do is watch out for the batch files and the executable files because those files are often virus-ridden. If you see the file you are downloading has any other extension except .exe, and .bat, feel free to download these files.

How To Use Torrent?

When you try to download a file from a torrent, the torrent tracker connects you to the proper P2P network. Once the P2P network approves the request, the download starts. Follow these steps if you want to get a clearer view of how to use torrent:

Step 1: Choose A Torrent Client

Before you can start downloading files, install a torrent client. There are plenty of options here, such as Xunlei Thunder, μTorrent, qBittorrent, Transmission, Vuze, BitComet, Deluge, etc. It is better to download these clients from the official website instead of a third-party site because they might come with malware threats.

Step 2:  Install A Tracker

Once you finish downloading the torrent client, download a site tracker. It will include the list of all your torrent files. You can download a public tracker, which is available to everyone. However, if you want your tracker to be exclusive, you can also download a private tracker.

Step 3: Search The Content

Now, search for the content you want to download. One search will result in several files. Check the file with high seeders and fewer leechers because it will be downloaded fast. Now, press on the download option.

Step 4: Download

Once you see the file you want to download is compatible with your device, you can start downloading it. Of course, you can also download multiple files at once, but it’s better to download them one by one.

Putting It All Together

Are you still with us? That means you have gathered enough knowledge on what torrenting is and how it works. We have also included information on whether torrent downloads are safe and how to use them. You can use the torrent safely and without any legal obligations if you follow these steps.

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