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Prayer Times according to different Religions and timings

by Eric


What are prayers? Prayers are narrated as an act of seeking something from the Lord or seeking forgiveness from ALLAH Almighty.  There are many religions in the world every person has full belief in their religion. Every religion’s prayers differ from each other. There are 4000 religions in the world but few are famous like; Islam, Christianity, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, etc. Their customs and traditions are totally different from each other. But every person of each religion says their prayers on time. Each religion has different prayer times.

Prayer Times:

I’m narrating some prayers methods and timing of different religions. Everyone believes in ALLAH but in various methods and faiths.


Islam is the religion that narrates that ALLAH is one. ALLAH doesn’t have any family. Allah is the only one who is running alone the system of the whole world and everything. Muslims offer Namaz five times a day. Their prayer times are fixed.

Islamic prayers teach us that ALLAH Is only one and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last Prophet of ALLAH Almighty. Namaz is obligatory prayer, but when Muslims did sins they move to Mosque for sake of forgiveness from ALLAH Almighty, we also deem it as it is also time to pray. But it is only gainful when you feel guilty about your sin and pure from the heart you seek forgiveness from Lord. As Muslims faith, it is gainful otherwise if you have evil in your mind and heart you will be sent to hell.

Muslims Namaz names and prayer times are;

  • Fajar  is the morning prayer
  • Zuhur is the afternoon prayer
  • Asar is Good noon prayer
  • Magrib is the evening prayer
  • Isha is the night prayer

Muslims restrict to say their prayers on time. If they delay then their Namaz will Kaza. And Muslims Recite Holy Quran daily. Muslims Holy Book id Holy Quran. Read more about Unity media news.


Hindus have faith in many gods. Hindu faith is totally opposite of Muslims Faith. Hindus are idol worshippers. They say their prayers in Temple. And they recite Bagwatgita. Their all prayers and customs are totally different from Muslims.


Christianity has a little bit of resemblance to the Muslim Faith. They also believe in prophets and Holy Books. But faith in ALLAH is totally different from Muslims. As far as prayer times are concerned in Christianity is not fixed. They used to go to church for the sake of prayers. They worship ALLAH as well as Jesus Christ. Christians attend daily Church and they get lessons from Bible. Their Holy book is Bible.

Sikh Community:

Sikh Community is not so primitive. The Sikh community follows the teachings of BABA GURU NANAK. They use GURDUAWARA for sake of worship. They praise BABA GURU NANAK. Some customs have a resemblance with Hindu Community, like weddings, funerals, etc.

Prayers Time in My Location:

If you change your location and a new location, you don’t know the prayer times, then you can take help from the internet. Go online and enter your location and you can easily find your timing of prayers. Also, narrate your religion. If you relate to Muslim Community then it will suggest your Namaz Timing and also enlighten you about the nearby mosques.

If you relate to Hindu Community then it will suggest the temple near you. And will also tell you the worship timing. Similarly, if you relate to the Christian community it will suggest to you the church near you and the worship timing also. And if you write that you are from the Sikh community then it will suggest you the nearby GURDUAWARA. Each person prayer for the sake of forgiveness and they want to love and kindness from their God. From which religion you belong and what is your prayer timings, share with us.

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