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What is the JPG format?

by REX

JPG is the most common and widely used format for storing images. In general, when you compress an image, its quality drops significantly and everything gets blurry. But in JPG format you can even apply a compression ratio of 1:10 without any damage to the image whatsoever. You can also convert JPG format into PNG image format by clicking on this link.

Almost all digital cameras, androids, and various other operating systems use this format to take high-quality images with very few file sizes.

JPG turns raw images taken by the camera into bytes and vice versa. This reduces their size and makes it possible for a person to store thousands of images on a single device.

Here are some notable features of a JPG file.

  1. Better image quality with smaller size

As mentioned before, with this image format, you get a very high-quality image with small memory. One additional benefit is that you can adjust the compression ratio on your camera device as per your choice.

You will see options like fine, normal, basic jpg in your camera settings. These options compress an image from least to most respectively.

  1. Varied file size

The size of the photograph taken in this format depends on the details in the image you are trying to take. If an image is mostly plain and doesn’t have a variety of colors, its size will be less.

The JPG in this case focuses on the dominant color and discards irrelevant information thus reducing the file size. But if you are trying to capture something more intricate and colorful the JPG will have to store everything and thus file size will increase.

  1. JPG file Editing

It is a common misconception that copying a file into a PC loses its originality and quality. But this is not the case. The image loses its quality when you put it in Editing software and after that, you try to store it again in JPG format. This effect can be reduced if you shoot images in the least compressed mode i.e., the Fine mode. This way you can retain the original image details even after doing some editing on it. Read more about How to Use Adobe’s New Wave Camera in Photoshop.

Some Drawbacks of JPG format:

  1. This file format is not acknowledged universally as the main image format. That is why some cameras and even websites do not accept an image in this format and you have to convert it into some other format to proceed.
  1. JPG format takes more RAM and makes things a bit slower due to excessive pressure on the CPU.
  1. It only works with the Safari browser and not with others.
  1. It is only 8-bit which means it can only contain about 16.8 million considerably low colors. This affects image quality greatly if the image is detailed and contains various colors at once.

Final Thoughts

This is all there is to know about the JPG image format. This format is great if you take a lot of pictures and you want to save up some space on your camera memory card or mobile device storage.

With this jpg format, you can take high-quality photos without ever worrying about your device storage. We hope that this information helps in your understanding of this useful image format.

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