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7 Tips for Caring for Hair Extensions

by Eric

You have just walked out of a salon after installing and buying your new hair extension. You then realize that henceforth it’s your responsibility to take care of it. You start googling insightful tips to take care of your hair extensions.

By 2020, the hair extensions market was valued at $3.56 billion with a projected growth rate of 4.15%.

For the longevity of your extensions, you need a stringent routine that you can follow to ensure the hair remains flawless. Going for regular maintenance appointments can be expensive. Knowing how to maintain them on your own will save you a significant amount of money.

Read along as we divulge tips and tricks to ensure your hair extension is set for the long game.

  1. How to Wash

Having a professional hair extension washing routine is the first step in maintaining them. After using them for a while, the accumulation of dust and hair chemicals can be unpleasant. Create a schedule to identify when the hair extension is due for a wash.

Seek guidance from your hairdresser on suitable products to use to clean your hair, depending on the type of hair extension you own. Avoid hair products with chemical components such as sulfates and ethanol. They reduce the amount of natural oil on your hair, making them prone to tangling. for finding the best extensions in your area please visit hair extensions near me.

You’ll have a hard time trying to brush your matted hair afterward. If possible, ensure that you wash the hair in the shower to allow the shampoo to trickle downwards. Scrub the roots of your hair well to remove excess oil and conditioner.

  1. Drying Your Hair Extension

Hair is weakest when wet. This should tell you that messing with your hair when it’s wet can make it lose and prone to falling off. Important to note, it’s not recommended to blow-dry your hair after every wash; an extended period of exposure to such heat can cause breakage.

Use a heat protectant spray; the natural oils in the spray create a protective layer when subjected to heat. It prevents damage to your hair when using a heat dryer. Ensure you start drying the roots of your hair first before going down to the ends.

You can also air-dry your hair extensions to ensure minimal frizz that may result due to the heating. Drying and styling your hair extensions with hot tools over an extended period minimizes their lifespan.

  1. How to Brush

Always ensure when you brush your hair extension, it’s completely dry. The hair gets tangled and matted, so you need to be careful how you execute it. The first step is to invest in a range of quality brushes to serve different purposes.

Using your hands, try to disentangle parts of the hair extension that are matted. Then start brushing up the hair from the ends, working your way up. This ensures that you don’t put too much stress on the hair, making the scalp loosen.

To reduce shedding and breakage, use a wide comb.

  1. Avoid Heating as Much as Possible

It’s essential to keep in mind hair extensions aren’t like natural hair, which feeds off important nutrients from the head. Hair extension isn’t attached to your scalp; hence, it doesn’t get natural oil from the head. Avoid using heat when styling and drying the hair as much as possible. Read more about hairline tattoos.

When the need arises, apply protective spray on the hair extension before using any heated styling tools. Also, always ensure you use the lowest possible temperature to avoid making the hair brittle.

To ensure the hair extension lasts longer, cease to use heating tools at intervals. Heating the hair every day breaks it, leaving you with the option of buying a new one no matter how much conditioning treatment you try. You can use many hair accessories to straighten your hair or even make curls, such as a comb and hair clips.

  1. Knot Your Hair Loosely Before You Sleep

Due to the changing of sleeping posture when sleeping, the hair extension can get tangled. The following morning, you have a hard time trying to untangle the hair. Remember, straightening your hair every day applies pressure to the roots and the extension bonds, making it loosen.

There are specific hairstyles that will save you trouble. One, tie a simple ponytail, then hold it with a hairband. Secondly, do a quick French braid fix to have an alternative solution to prevent tangling overnight.

  1. Storing Hair Extensions

There are two main types of hair extensions; temporary and semi-permanent. Temporary hair extensions can be removed when you go to bed, while semi-permanent ones are meant to stay on your head for a long time. More so, hair extension installation prices differ with the type of hair extension.

If you have temporary hair extensions, it’s critical to understand how to store them. Brush your hair extension, then tie a loose ponytail before storing them. Use the original package of the hair to store and then place them in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.

  1. Remedies for Dry Hair Extensions

Excess exposure to the sun and hot tools can cause your hair extension to become dry and damaged. You can use various natural products, such as eggs and olive oil, to reverse the damage. More so, you have the option of hiring a professional hairdresser to do the work for you.

Make Your Hair Extensions Look Radiant and Healthy

Taking care of your hair extensions can be a daunting task if you don’t make it a routine. When purchasing a hair extension, try to choose the one with the least maintenance demands. Maintaining them to look as good as new can consume your time and money.

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