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What is PAWG? Meaning and definition

by Eric

Sometimes we see many words that people write in short forms they write them by just picking the first alphabet of all words, for instance; “ILY” means “I Love You”.

Some famous shorts-forms are;

  • “ILY” – “I Love You”
  • “ROLF” – “Rolling On Floor Laughing”
  • “STFU” – “Shit the “Freak” Up”
  • “LMK” – “Let Me Know”
  • “YOLO” – “You Only Live Once”
  • “SMK” – “Shaking My Head”
  • “LOL” – “Lots of Love”
  • “NVM” – “Never Mind”
  • “HMM” – “Hug Me More”

Like these words, a word is PAWG that confuses people. Lion’s share people don’t know what is PAWG? If you also don’t know the abbreviation of PAWG and you don’t know its meaning then you came to the right place here you will know what does PAWG means and where it’s used. So stick with me and read my article from head to toe. Without any delay let’s jump in!

What is PAWG?

Mostly PAWG is the long-form of “Phat Ass White Girls”. According to Cyber definition and Urban Dictionary, the PAWG word stands for “Phat Ass White Girl”. It is a slang term for those women who have big butts. This word is deemed to be derived from the term PHAT, and PHAT stands for “Pretty hot and tempting”.  PHAT is an alternative slang word for “fat”.

Other Abbreviations for PAWG

Abbreviation of PAWG stands for many words like;

  • PAWG = Photonic Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • PAWG = Pissed Americans with Guns (gaming clan)
  • PAWG = Protected Areas Working Groups
  • PAWG = Premiere Anime Weight-Gain
  • PAWG = Pennsylvania Wing (Civil Air Patrol)
  • PAWG = PICA Assignment Working Group

These abbreviations are very uncommon. But Phat Ass White Girl is mostly used for PAWG.

Usage Criteria of PAWG

This answer depends on who you ask. Some women want to vanish completely this word from the dictionary because this is a vulgar word for women. But the thing is this word is mostly used for porn sites.  Some women feel shame when someone calls them PAWG and some feel pride and they feel euphoria when someone calls them PAWG. This thing gives them glee. So by knowing this we automatically understand that there are some conditions for this word PAWG. You can use this word for porn white girls who have big butts but you can’t summon PAWG normal girls which haven’t any link with the porn industry. Read more about What does PAWG Mean?

Remember one thing don’t use the PAWG word, it is not recommended for your polite conversation. You should eschew PAWG in professional and public settings. This term is only found in Porn and social media sites. So when before using this word the person is using it should be well aware of PAWG using criteria and the person should know what is PAWG and what does PAWG means?

This word is most suitable for those who created it they have a purpose behind it don’t use it for other girls those who don’t have any link with the vulgar industry.

Synonyms and Antonyms for word PAWG

Some synonyms and Antonyms of PAWG are as follow;

  • Synonyms

Proportioned, Well – Formed ,Rounded ,Built, Curvy ,Regular ,Full – Figured  ,Pleasing ,Thicc ,Well – Turned ,Thick ,Curvaceous ,Trim ,Sylphlike ,Beautiful ,Dumpy ,Shapely ,Statuesque ,Neat ,Elegant ,Well – Proportioned, Dumptruck ,Symmetrical ,Balanced ,Junk in the Trunk ,Graceful ,Sightly , Comely etc.

“Thicc” is a good word for full-bodied figured and “BBW” means “Big Beautiful Woman”.

  • Antonyms

Twiglike ,Meager, Attenuate ,Wizened ,Wasted ,Fine ,Gaunt ,Pinched ,Subtle ,Ethereal ,Haggard ,Pole ,Slight ,Beanstalk ,Lean ,Emaciated ,Stilt ,Scrawny ,Twiggy ,Stalky ,Slender ,Lanky ,Small, Thin ,Shadow ,Reedy ,Spindly ,Starved ,Lank ,Stick ,Rickety ,Peaked ,Threadlike ,Bony ,Shriveled, Lightweight, Beanpole ,Featherweight, Skeletal ,Scraggy ,Puny ,Slim, Rangy etc.

Usage of PAWG in sentences

  • “Hey look at that BAR Club PAWG over there!”
  • “Dani Daniel is now the most well-known PAWG in the adult industry now!”
  • “She is not my type and she is not thick as a PAWG!”


Now you know what is PAWG and whenever you see this word on a site or anywhere you will know what it means. So before using this word please see the circumstances where you are using this word and for which person you are using it.

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