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What does Ara Ara mean? Ara Ara meaning

by Eric


Ara Ara is an expression that has more than one meaning. Ara Ara is an expression that originates or you can say get popular from Japan.  It means Oh no, hmm, No way, and Amazing. You must have listened to this word from someone interested in Japanese culture. It is also used in Japanese anime. This word is not Japanese like Japanese is not the only language spoken by Japanese people and when translated in English it means roughly. It is a very old culture made by the tribes who speak their own language. Some people use this old language because they don’t want to waste languages spoken by their ancestors.

Who uses the word Ara Ara?

It’s very rare that you listen to this expression or phrase by a man. Actually, this phrase is mostly uttered by a girl. This expression is mostly used by young females. Women use this phrase ara ara they try to sound cute and submissive. When a woman gives you this expression it means she tries to flirt with you. If an old woman says this to a young man it gives very inappropriate meaning. So be careful while using this expression in front of anyone and they don’t misinterpret it.

Tiktok trend?

Every week a new trend arises on TikTok and sometimes it is very difficult to work out its meaning. Ara ara meaning trend is popular on TikTok these days. It seems women on TikTok are using this phrase in the same flirtatious way as it was done by the Japanese anime characters. The ara ara hashtag has had huge views of about 245 million on TikTok. Read more about Pokemon sword and shield anime.

Ara ara meaning:

In Japanese, there is a fish mostly called Ara. This fish swims from Japan to the Philippines. The word ara ara cannot be directly translated into English. The Japanese fish name will translate into Rough fish when you look at one you will see it make sense. Ara ara is used in many English memes and represents its inappropriate meaning which is not always true. Ara ara’s meaning can be used in a completely innocent way. It can be used to express happiness or joy, but people thought it is only used for the flirt. Ara Ara can also be used as a surname in japan but it is not very common.

The popularity of Ara Ara:

Ara ara became popular in the English language because of its common use in anime and manga. Hence in the English language, it represents the style of animation. Out of japan ara ara represents the colorful graphics and animations. Mangas are Japanese comic books and graphic novels. Manga becomes popular outside japan in mid of 1900. Now anime and manga are very common in the whole world and many paid websites and apps play this content and it is liked by many adults and teens as well. Everybody out of japan is curiously finding ara ara meaning.

Final words:

You are now familiar with Ara Ara meaning and correct use of it. Some of the synonyms of ara ara are my goodness, wow, whoa, gosh, and good heavens. Be aware of speaking this phrase in the audience because it will not give a good impact on your personality.

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