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What Are Common Types Of Logical Reasoning Puzzles?

by Eric

You are not alone who get frustrated while solving Logical Reasoning Puzzles. But some logical reasoning types are so easy to do and aspirants do love solving them. Do you know what type of logical reasoning puzzles come in the exam? Today, we are going to put light on this to develop a better understanding indeed.

Logical Reasoning questions are all about solving the reasoning ability and general intelligence section. These questions are quite interesting and can make you have a great score. They are regarded in this context of analyzing the logical-oriented approach of aspirants. You might be wondering how you can lift your performance in the competitive exam. You can make a huge score more in the reasoning-oriented section. Candidates must be aware of the important topics supposed to come in the exam indeed.

When it comes to reasoning, Syllogism Reasoning cannot be circumvented at all. To put in simple words, it is a type of reasoning in what a conclusion is drawn following 2 or 3 imparted statements or propositions. It is generally deductive reasoning just being going with reasoning. You are required to go with an ideal statement that is true irrespective of the fact that they are different going with facts.

Make sure that you also go with the questions coming up with excellent solutions as well as answers. This will truly help you to correct the mistakes. You must analyze confidently how you can excellently prepare for the exam.

Indeed, there is a wide array of topic-oriented logical reasoning questions. Here, we are going to mention different subjects regarded as being a part of the government exam syllabus. Candidates must go-ahead to take the logical reasoning test in respect of each topic. You will ensure how perfectly you are going for the upcoming competitive examination.

  • Talking about one of the asked topics, it is reasoning puzzle questions. Maximum questions come from this section. Here, it needs to mention that different formats are followed. Apart from it, different types of puzzle-oriented questions are also asked. You must be prepared for them.
  • The next on the list is related to a seating arrangement. It means you need to solve the questions where you have to find out the accurate seating arrangement.
  • Coding and decoding related questions are just outstanding. If you love solving questions, where you have to put your brain a lot then you must go for it. You will be required to decode the information understanding a piece of specific information.
  • Analogy questions are next on the list. They are called analogy since two or more elements are associated with each other following a specific pattern or format.
  • The discussion will be regarded incomplete until blood relations questions are added. Logical reasoning questions come in competitive exams.
  • Direction questions are all direction-related. In these questions, the direction of initial as well as final destination-oriented things are asked.
  • You have to use your entire brain when it comes to a statement and assumption-related questions. Here, you will find a statement, and following that, an assumption is required to be derived. These questions are regarded as quite tricky since they are so complex indeed. These questions seem quite confusing but you could find answers by being patient and handling them with calmness.
  • If you love numbers then you would be enjoying alphanumeric series questions. Here, you will find an ideal combination of symbols, alphabets, and numbers forming an alphanumeric series. Questions related to Alphanumeric are quite common and they are comparatively easy. You can make a good score going with it.
  • Most candidates get confused going with Data Sufficiency Questions; practice can turn it into the easiest ones indeed. These questions contain specific information and you need to answer these questions. These questions mostly come in the government exams such as RRB, Insurance, and SSC, and so on.
  • Are you good at decision-making? If your answer is in YES then you might be enjoying this Here, you will find questions in what you will find a condition where you need to make an ideal decision. These questions generally do come in UPSC exams.

Final Thought –

The list of types does not end here but it is quite long. All you need to make sure that you practice the important ones that are supposed to come in your exam. You may go with a mock test or previous years’ questions to understand what types of reasoning questions are likely to come in the exam.

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